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Crushing Health Goals

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

I am celebrating beating my own personal best and blowing it out of the water by hiking 9.5 miles at a super steep incline all the way up to the top of Echo Mountain... and then wandering around some other trails that connect up there and then going back down the mountain again.

In 2018 I was close to 400 pounds and could barely walk around my house, let alone hike up a mountain and back.

It was then that I decided to take all the tools I help people with at The Healing Woods and focus those tools on me. Much work with Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Ritual later, and I am 100% a different person.

When I began my weight loss journey in 2018, doing this hike was my visualization that I would speak to my Subconscious Mind with to show it where we were headed and what the proof would be that we were on the way.

My health journey has shifted gears many times, and what I focus on has changed as far as what "success" means to me within my journey.

Success has shifted away from being a certain number on the scale, and moved into the realm of what my body can do, how it feels doing it, and since I am in fact a girl underneath this warrior exterior...the cool clothes I can dress my body in.

I definitely have a number of pounds that is a "goal weight" but my success has nothing to do with that number, because I am KILLING IT with all my other goals:

1) Successfully released 180 pounds....and counting....

2) Hike up and down Echo Mountain and have steam left to explore the other trails up there.

3) Fit into that awesome little black dress I had for over a decade that I kept in my closet as a reward for losing a significant amount of weight.

4) KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF for 5 years more yo yo for this girl...since 2018, I have done nothing but release and maintain.

5) Be in the "set it and forget it" realm of eating without feeling I'm dieting or in a calorie deficit, my body craves what is healthy and I don't have to be on the struggle bus of "trying to eat right"...I just do.

One day I will be at my goal weight, AND everyday that passes until then I will be celebrating the hell out of what I have already accomplished.

It is my passion in life to help others on their health journeys...allow me to help you transform your body, life and HERE to book your session.

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