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SpiritCraft - Monthly Moon Magick

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When I was a little girl, I knew I was a witch. I used to talk to frogs, bugs, play with fairies and make plans with the Moon whenever I saw Her get huge in the sky. My mom would sometimes find me sleeping outside under the Moon on a lawn chair because even at such a young age I could feel the Moon’s power and knew that I was receiving healing from Her.

As a teenager, I began my studies with Wicca, Tarot, Runes, Magick and all things ritual. I did Candle Magick, Elemental Magick, meditation, crystal work and anything I could get my hands on of the Occult nature. I started writing my own rituals and spells in my early 20’s.


In the ’90s, I worked at Alexandria 2 New Age Bookstore in Pasadena, California, which opened my studies to Kabbalah, Hinduism, Buddhism and anything I could get my hands on to learn more about all of the different ways people connect with Spirit.


Today, in my 40’s I have a very direct connection to Spirit through Nature and The Moon, which allows me to receive messages clearly for myself as well as for clients. 


I have studied countless ways in which to connect to Spirit, and have found that most religions are saying the same thing, just in different languages with different faces and stories.


You do not need to be a witch to join the SpiritCraft Community.


The energy of the Moon is universal, and our gatherings are open to ALL walks of Spirit...there is no specific religion to SpiritCraft, it is open to all beliefs.


So much magic, change, and healing can happen during The Full Moon. Even if you just sit within ritual once a month...only 12 times a will have the power to create whatever change you desire within your life.


So many clients have asked me to do classes manifesting, which is why I have created this online ritual experience to bring people together to honor the Full Moon, manifest their desires and create sacred space together wherever you are in the world.

The Wheel of The Year is important to honor and be aware of, because as the Earth changes and goes through Her seasons, so should we because we live on Her. 


We are made of the same Element that makes Her oceans, we breathe the air the trees provide, we find shelter building from things derived from the Earth and we find warmth and cook our food using fire. 


The Moon creates the waves in the ocean, and humans are made of 60-70% water, so how can we not believe The Moon will affect us? Why not start harnessing the huge energy and power of the Moon to create the change you need in life? 


Within this ritual group, I will teach you the certain things to do at different points of the year that will help you manifest what you desire in life whether it be healing, love, money, growth or spiritual development or all of these at once!

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Each Full Moon is very different, and as we go through the Wheel of The Year together, you will understand more deeply the ever-changing energies of the Moon, the Earth and learn what you can do to make these energies work for you instead of against you.

There are two ways we can work together


Package # 1: Full Moon/Full Power  $297/month Total value $525


  • You will be a part of the group online ritual on each Full Moon with like-minded people. Value $97


  • You will receive one hour online with me one on one for whatever you need that month: Reiki, Tarot, Akashic Readings, Hypnotherapy or Magickal Coaching where I can help you create a personal ritual for yourself.  This alone is valued at $175.


  • You will learn about the specifics about each Full Moon and what can be done to counteract any intense energies that can be happening like Eclipses, Super Moons, Equinoxes, Solstices and everyone’s favorite: Mercury Retrograde! Value $75


  • You will learn about where we are at within The Wheel of The Year, and how you can honor that and use it to your advantage in manifesting what you need in life. Valued at $75.

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  • I will pick a Tarot Card specifically for you each Full Moon, and light a candle dressed with oils and herbs to bring in your specific intention for the month. Valued at $100.


  • Laser magickal coaching during our monthly rituals.

You will be getting over $500 of magical wisdom and coaching for only $297!


Package # 2: Moonstruck  

$97/month Valued at $250


  • You will be a part of the group online ritual on each Full Moon with like-minded people. Value $97


  • You will learn about the specifics about each Full Moon and what can be done to counteract any intense energies that can be happening like Eclipses, Super Moons, Equinoxes, Solstices and everyone’s favorite: Mercury Retrograde! Value $75


  • You will learn about where we are at within The Wheel of The Year, and how you can honor that and use it to your advantage in manifesting what you need in life. Valued at $75.


  • Laser magickal coaching during our monthly rituals.

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Either way, you choose to work with me, you will be receiving


  • Magical wisdom from a practicing witch of over 30 years.

  • Sacred safe space to set intentions in.

  • Learning things that you can add to your daily, weekly or monthly practices.

  • Meeting with a group of like-minded people to become your magical community.

  • Guidance on how to do a real Full Moon Ritual.

  • Laser magickal coaching during our monthly rituals which will be one hour.

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What people who have done online magickal workings with me say


I decided to join Kristin’s online magical group because I was at a point in my life where I really needed to make a change and get serious about owning my power. Accountability is a HUGE motivator for me, so this group was key for my development. The weekly meetings were amazing and it was incredibly helpful to hear everyone’s thoughts, feelings, challenges, and progress. It helped me realize that I wasn’t alone on this journey and I was able to gain strength and inspiration for the others in the group. I highly suggest participating in anything that Kristin Dwan leads, but if you are super serious about manifesting something in your life, this is the one thing that I would suggest investing in!  —Shauntel Jarreau

My time with Kristin’s online magical group was an experience I did not know I needed. It wasn’t until we dived into my Akashic Records was when I understood the whole program…my subconscious meeting the conscious elevated for me the whole year. Epiphany hit me left and right. I understood myself on a deeper level. If you are feeling ready to find yourself on a deeper level or simply ready to discover the unknown, I recommend working with Kristin.  —Leslie Portillo

Participating in Kristin’s online magical group was the best time & money I spent on myself in a long time. Kristin leads a focused plan of action to manifest whatever one wants in life. It was amazing. After the second session, I manifested 2 new job offers and 2 interviews. The exercises and reading clarified for me, what I needed to do to continue manifesting the great life I’m living! I encourage anyone who feels stuck, or that they aren’t living their fullest life’s purpose, to take this offering from Kristin. You won’t be disappointed.   —Lucy Tate

I have been part of 3 online magical groups with Kristin. My intention on the first was to sell my house by a specific date for a specific amount, I came very close to that amount and also by the date! I tried to sell my home the year prior and failed. I contribute so much to Kristin and her manifestation sessions on my house sale. The second ritual I signed up for was to up my small biz income and I’ve been definitely making more income since. I am so grateful to Kristin and her groups. It was great to be a part of such wonderful people coming together to help each other manifest a specific goal.  —Dominique Lee


SpiritCraft - The Ritual Creation Oracle


SpiritCraft is a deck that is like literally no other in existence.


It is not a Tarot Deck...nor is it your basic Oracle is something truly unique!


When you use this deck, you will be guided on what type of ritual to do, what tools to use for your ritual and what energies to call in for your work.


The purpose of Ritual is to obtain a closer connection to Spirit...

whoever and whatever Spirit is for you. 


Ritual helps us in many ways:


  • Manifesting the life we desire.

  • Mourning the loss of something or someone important to us.

  • Celebrating who we are in the world.

  • Setting goals to get us to the future we dream of.

  • Healing ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  • Finding peace and connection in these times of uncertainty and disconnect.

  • Connection to Spirit, which is a connection to ourselves.


...and so much more!


SpiritCraft does not use anything tied to any one religion, so it can be used by literally anyone of any belief who is looking to bring more Ritual and connection to Spirit in their lives.


After 30+ years of reading tarot and leading public rituals for clients, Kristin Dwan was having clients, friends, and family ask how to do a New Moon Ritual, a Cord Cutting, or what to do for the upcoming Full Moon, etc.


Instead of just telling them things they can do, she decided to create a tool for the world to empower themselves with the knowledge of how to easily create their own Ritual wherever they are whenever they want to do it.


More About the Author


Kristin Dwan is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Author and Reiki Master/Teacher who began her spiritual journey over 30 years ago by reading Tarot for classmates in her High School Library. 


The heart to heart conversations she had with people from all walks of life was food for her soul, and she has continued reading Tarot her whole life while adding in Akashic Readings, Reiki, and Hypnotherapy which she has provided online to people all over the world through The Healing Woods since the year 2000. 


Kristin spent her whole life searching for her own truth as to what Spirit was for her and studied countless religions like Kabbalah (and Qabalah), Hindu, Wicca, Traditional Witchcraft, Buddhism, and many more until she figured out her own way in which to communicate directly to Spirit, and thus...SpiritCraft was born.

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