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Your mission should you choose to accept it is to identify, release and burn out of your life, the number one blockage you have in the way of your dreams becoming a reality.

You don’t have to burn a house down and end up in a Burn Ward like I did in order to experience the growth and transformation Hypnotherapy, Reiki and fire have for you…just receive a Bullshit Bonfire!


I am available to book for in person Bullshit Bonfires for parties, events and businesses.

I come with everything needed to have a beautiful bonding ritual together with your family, friends or workmates.

Call or email me to ask about a quote to bring this magic to your upcoming event!

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Group Bullshit Bonfires are beautiful bonding events both online or in person...please get in touch for more information.


What it is like to experience a Bullshit Bonfire


“Before the bonfire, I felt emotionally drained with a clouded mind, with heaviness on my shoulders due to stress. During the bonfire I experienced a room full of strangers come together and become one while sharing what we were releasing from our lives. We realized and felt like we were not alone anymore because there were others letting go of things that we were dealing with ourselves.

After releasing and making space for what I wanted to bring into my life by letting go of the bullshit I brought forth emotional healing, strength to let go of relationships that do not serve me, depressions, and the car of my dreams, I also brought forth the raise I had been wanting for month. All thanks to the bullshit bonfires.” ⁠—Karla Cuencas/Los Angeles, CA


“Bullshit bonfires are a wonderful releasing exercise. I entered with the feeling of heaviness from carrying energy that no longer served my highest good and needed releasing from me. Shortly after the notes were burnt the rise in energy was undeniable and a sense of peace and being grounded in my body and mind came over me. They are beautiful gatherings of love and inspire an honorable release followed by a gratifying wish to encourage positivity to you, in whichever way you wish to have that manifested. Thank you, Kristin Dwan, for hosting these powerful events.” 

Tracey Pearson - Los Angeles, CA 



“I put off going for months, always making excuses. When I finally arrived at my first one, I was physically shaking and cold sweating. I just knew I was carrying so much heaviness and stress in with me and had such high hopes that you and the event could help me release them. I think I trembled the entire time through but I felt like I was in a safe space and I heard my own worries echoed by the others at the event. You put your hand on my back as I read my list and it was warm and comforting and I finally stopped shaking. I don’t know if it was the Reiki or your calming presence but I felt calmer and lighter like I could breathe. I didn’t notice the change right away but as the weeks passed, I noticed that I was no longer feeling as burdened. A lot of good things were happening for me and I was finally getting my life in order. Needless to say, I went to the next event and practically skipped in the door!”

Tina Ramnarine - Los Angeles, CA 


BULLSHIT BONFIRE - 2 Hours Virtual $300 

Release and burn the number one blockage you have in the way of your dreams.


During a Bullshit Bonfire, you will feel heard, supported and inspired as we go as deeply as we can to pull the old roots of fear, anger and pain from you.

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