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Calling In The One Coaching


When my parents got divorced when I was 8, and my dad moved out, I immediately created a False Love Identity of “I’m not good enough and people will always leave me” and my whole adult life I attracted men who proved me right.


I took on that False Love Identity and consistently left myself by using drugs in my teens, eating myself to 400 pounds in my 20’s and through it all being so closed off to love and partnership that I constantly attracted emotionally unavailable men who left, because I was completely emotionally unavailable myself.

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I finally decided that enough was enough, and I went into the deep dark forest of personal transformation to heal and work on myself and began a journey seeking out people, modalities, books and other things I could do to heal this Subconscious Programming I was suffering through.


When I first saw the book “Calling in the One” by Katherine Woodward Thomas on the shelves of the Agape Bookstore in 2004, I was so closed off to love because I had been so hurt and was suffering in silence through self hatred and anger at my past.


I did the work alone in this book, and was shown so much clarity on what my patterns were, why they were there and given many exercises to break through the patterns.


Life is busy, and I did my best working through all of the different exercises myself, but there were lapses and points of stagnation where my momentum of healing died off completely.


Fast forward to doing the book and the exercises with Katherine Woodward Thomas herself, and having 7 weeks with her holding me accountable and taking me through deepening exercises that were not in the book which only then ignited the true transformational magic of doing this work!

calling in the one book

Here are the journeys I have to offer you: 

Coaching Packages


One Month Journey for $897 ($1,350 Value)

3 Zoom hour-long sessions $750 Value


Learning countless modalities to use on yourself between sessions 

$600 Value

What doing this work with a coach changed for me


Through this work and Self Hypnosis I released 165 pounds.

I now have the inner belief that life is a gift and so am I.

Feeling 100% more confident within myself and feeling emotionally open and available to others.

Seeing Red Flags in dating much sooner and able to have much needed healthy boundaries.

Attracting a much higher caliber of men to me than I did before doing this work.

Actually being able to truly say I love myself deeply and celebrate who I am.

After those 7 weeks, the amount of transformation I experienced was life changing, and I knew that I was meant to be trained by the author of the book herself to become a Certified Calling In The One Coach, so I immediately signed up for the year-long intensive and had even more growth and transformation during that year of training to be a Certified Coach of this work.