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Ignite Your Light From Within

Intention + Divinity + Releasing =

Turning Your Pain Into Power!


I didn't always see my life as a gift.

In fact, there was a time that I made a list of all of the different ways I could end my life, and at one point even tried in my mom's bathroom.


I was so lost within the deep well of dark emotions that I hated myself, was bored with life, despised love and didn't want to go on any longer.


It was at this moment that the element of Fire came into my life and literally burned me alive.


Laying in the burn ward receiving multiple skin grafts and fighting for my life showed me that life is a gift, I am worth fighting for and I am on borrowed time to share my gifts with the world.


The marriage of fire and Reiki

saved my life.

Today I live my life to the fullest and am grateful for every morning I wake up and wrote this book to show you how to join me on this beautiful path of transformation.


My heart stopped on the operating table, and I was resuscitated to wake up literally feeling like death warmed over.


A Divine energy visited me as I was fighting to stay on this planet, which I later found out to be Reiki.


My life since has been spent teaching people the healing power of Reiki, spreading awareness of how healing it is and getting Reiki into hospitals as I help bring people peace from the first breath of life to the last as a Reiki Master.


Kristin Dwan is a world-renowned Reiki Master-Business Coach for Healers who knows how to help people find their soul's purpose in life and live their purpose full time instead of in between days jobs. She guides you to awaken within you the healing and wisdom that is yours to use to better your life and the lives around you.


Over the past 25 years, Kristin has helped healers, spiritual teachers, doctors, scientists, and clergy in order to spread the gift of Reiki as far around the world for the good of all, which needs the healing more and more every day.


She has a deep passion for helping people find the power within their pain and the wisdom within their struggle. She loves empowering people all over the world with the energy of the Universe that Reiki is, in order to heal themselves and the people around them. Each session and class she offers creates a huge ripple effect of love and healing which spreads across the globe.


Kristin's true magic resides in empowering people to become the Reiki Masters they dream of with rooted and abundant conscious businesses, wherein they can live their passion of healing full time instead of in between day jobs.


Are you ready to harness your inner phoenix to ignite your light within? 

Click below to start your own personal healing journey with fire!


Transform your life



of Baptism by Flame 



Baptism By Flame is my guidebook for you to experience the same inspiration, release, and transformation as you work through these chapters.


I wrote this book for you to know that it really can get better.


You are not in pain and feeling alone for nothing...there is always a reason for the dark night of the is so the new dawning of your life can begin and get you to a higher level.


I have suffered through that dark night of the soul, and have a blood, sweat and tear-stained map to share with you within this have just to make the decision to receive its healing guidance.


I now have an amazing relationship with what I have found God to be, and am so thankful to still be here today to share my wisdom with you within the pages of Baptism By Flame - Ignite Your Light Within.


Meet the Author


My healing journey

transformed my life.

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