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I know that not everyone is ready to immediately commit to booking a full hour session with me because perhaps you have never experienced the magic of my Hypnotherapy, maybe you had a bad experience with another Hypnotherapist, maybe you’re not sure if my voice will resonate with you or perhaps you do not have the financial means to make it happen immediately.


If you are any of these people, then these recordings are just for YOU!


These recordings are a beautiful way to experience an appetizer of the feast of healing magic Hypnotherapy has for you without commiting to a full session and they will help bring your Subconscious Mind in alignment with the positive changes you want to come to you in life. 

The added bonus to these recordings is the beautiful binaural music in the background that was created to bring the listener into an ideal state of deep relaxation and receptivity and be a cradle of comfort beneath the powerful hypnosis program.

These recordings will give you a wonderful introduction to Hypnosis, and what it is like to be hypnotized by me. 

The real magic within Hypnotherapy is working one-on-one with me

This is how I can create a journey specifically formulated for your subconscious mind using the words and phrasing your mind comes up with around the specific thing you want to work on with me. 


For now though, check out my work with these recordings, and when you are ready to go more deeply within this important work, you can have a private session with me in the future.

Would you like to test out my Hypnosis Recordings for FREE?

Just sign up to receive a download that is designed to bring you into a state of Inner Peace.


Money Magnet Hypnotic Recording 13 minutes- $24.99


Ease of Sleep Hypnosis Recording 40 minutes- $24.99


Awakening Your Inner Artist Hypnosis Recording-$24.99


Be a Love Magnet Hypnosis Recording - $24.99


Full Chakra Balancing Hypnosis Recording - $24.99


Inner Child Healing Hypnosis Recording - $24.99


Positive Thinking Hypnosis Recording - $24.99


Slaying Addictions Hypnosis Recording - $24.99


What People are Saying about These Recordings

“I bought Kristin’s Love Magnet hypnosis recording at a time when I was feeling super down on myself and in a deep depression after a break up.

I wasn’t ready to meet another person yet, but I needed help even feeling love for myself anymore, so I took a chance and got this recording.

It’s pretty miraculous how quickly I got over that break up and now I am actually working with Kristin as my Calling In The One Coach and feeling like a completely transformed woman because of it.”

Sandra Arlington - New York, NY

Reiki Master Hypnotherapy Healing Woods Kristin Dwan.jpg

“Kristin’s Slaying Addictions recording really helped me on my quest to quit drinking.

I went to AA which was helping but I knew I needed more.

I didn’t know how to begin, so I figured I could start with something easy to lay down and listen to in order to get my brain focused in the right direction.

Within a week my desire for alcohol and even cigarettes subsided!

Cigarettes were a bit harder to completely quit, so I booked a package of personal hypnotherapy sessions with Kristin and after those I have completely quit smoking and drinking after 30+ years.

I am now a true believer that Hypnotherapy works…and I feel much healthier!”


David D.  - Portland, OR

“I want to thank Kristin profusely for the Money Magnet hypnosis download. I was going through a period of extreme anxiety - largely over money pouring out with no prospects of refilling our accounts. I listened to money magnet daily (sometimes twice) and have been sooo much better ever since. I still visualize sand dollars on the beach when I start to stress about funds.

But, the coolest part is. After three days of listening I received a $4k check from an old life insurance policy I had tried to cancel. Apparently, the company had given up fighting and issued the check without letting me know. WOW!!!” 


E.B. McDonald - Hendersonville, NC

“I have been using the "Ease of Sleep Hypnosis" recording for several weeks now, and I am absolutely blown away by the results. Kristin's voice and the music are incredibly soothing, and the hypnotic suggestions are delivered in a calm and reassuring voice that puts me at ease. 

I find myself slipping into a deep state of relaxation and letting go of the worries and stress of the day. The guided imagery is vivid and compelling, transporting me to a peaceful and tranquil place where I feel safe and secure. I used to dread going to my bed. Now I actually look forward to going to my bed every night so I can listen to Kristin's sleep hypnosis! It's made a huge impact on my quality of life after many years of insomnia and sleep anxiety. Thank you, Kristin!  You're an angel!!”


Kara Frasier - San Diego, CA

“My family members had recently experienced some trauma and I was having a hard time letting go of the anxiety from my experience. I bought Kristin's Ease of Sleep recording and it helped me feel more rested than ever before. I've listened to it at least 100 times and I still use the recording to this day. Not only does it gently put me to sleep but it also helps me if I need to play it in the middle of the night to relax. Now I feel at peace thanks to Kristin's powerful healing from this recording.”


Sage Polaris - Alhambra, CA

“I was so paralyzed with Writer's Block that I couldn’t even bring myself to open the Word Doc to my book, yet I knew that the book I had within me needed to come out, yet no matter what I did, I always found an excuse or distraction. That’s when Kristin’s Hypnotherapy came in. It began with me listening to the “Awaken your Inner Artist” recording, which got me even more excited and focused on writing. Then I decided to do a few one on one sessions specifically around writing my book, and I am so proud (and relieved) to say that my final draft is complete and ready to be published! Kristin is also a published author, so she understands the heroic plight of writing, finishing and publishing a book, and it felt great to have a Hypnotherapist who has been exactly where I was and knew how to get me where I wanted to be. Thank you, Kristin!”


Karly Kline - San Francisco, CA


Ready to go deeper into the transformation and receive a full hour of Hypnotherapy live with me where I can create a custom recording for you laser focused on what you are going through right now that will take you RIGHT where you want to be in life?
You can easily book your transformational hour with me here.

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