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Sacred Birthing

A lot of people don't know that for years I used to be a Birth Doula, who was on call 24/7 to rush over to a home, birth center or hospital to help women emotionally, energetically and spiritually as they gave birth.

I miss that work, but it's hard to do for somebody who likes to travel as much as I do, and get lost in nature for days at a time.

I can still be part of a Birth Team by sending Remote Reiki while they are in labor and doing Hypnosis recordings for them to listen to as they are in labor.

Here is some feedback I received yesterday from a mother I helped with Distance Reiki:

I supported this first time mother yesterday as she gave birth to TWINS!

I'm so happy for her that it is going so well. I sent her Reiki during the birth and then the day after, for recovery, milk production and ease of the babies latching on.

I love the excitement of working with women all through their pregnancies with Reiki and Hypnotherapy.

There is no better gift to give an expectant mother in your life than Reiki and Hypnotherapy as they really help at all 3 junctures: pregnancy, the birthing process and postpartum.

I offer beautiful Gift Certificates that can be easily emailed to you and printed out or forwarded to expectant mothers in your life that you want to give some support to. I have worked with people literally all over the world, so distance is no issue. This mother was in another State, yet the Reiki worked wonders for her.

Just email me with the name of the person, what package or how many sessions you would like to gift her, and that will begin a beautiful sacred Birth Journey for the Mother to Be.

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