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Last Year of my 40's

I turned 49 a few days ago, and began my birthday festivities by dressing up for a 1920's party.

In February, I usually look back on the age I just lived and take stock of what I accomplished, lost and experienced that year.

Now that I am ending another decade...I am looking back at everything that has happened to me so far in my 40's and what I plan on accomplishing with making this year the best year of my 40's.

Be sure to read to the end, because for my birthday, I am giving a gift to you!

In my 40's I have:

  • Released the need to ever have a stressful soul sucking job again and strengthened my beautiful heart based work in The Healing Woods instead.

  • Wrote and published "Baptism By Flame - 10 Steps to Ignite your Light Within"

  • Beat the fuck out of Cancer.

  • Released 160 pounds in a healthy and natural way.

  • Became a Certified Hypnotherapist graduating with honors from an intense 2 year program at an accredited Hypnotherapy college.

  • Got my heart broken the deepest it's ever been at 40, and started the journey of truly healing my heart and Shadow so I would not attract and give time to emotionally unavailable broken men.

  • Became a Certified Calling in the One Coach after a deep year long intensive training with Katherine Woodward Thomas herself.

  • Traveled across the country to the East Coast and spoke on a stage in Canada in front of a hotel event room filled with people about the power of the Subconscious Mind, lead them in a Hypnotic Journey and did a Bullshit Bonfire for them.

  • Started really owning my time left on this earth, and created a 3 day workweek for myself and take a month off each year to travel up and down the coast to be in my beloved Redwoods.

  • Released bodywork as a modality I provide in The Healing Woods after 10 years of being a Massage Therapist.

  • Upleveled myself from living in a tiny one bedroom cottage to a 2 bedroom home where I would build my locally based massage business in the second bedroom, and then upleveled again to having the business be online only post Pandemic and began serving people online all over the world with Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Readings and leading Ritual.

  • Had a huge purge of many party friends from my 20's and early 30's, yet kept a few gems even from High School who are gold to me and will be friends till death.

  • Made many new amazing friends who will be with me for the long haul.

  • Embraced hiking with my whole heart and soul. I always loved Nature, but with the physical limitations the weight caused, I would drive through it to enjoy it and get out once in a while until I was in too much pain. Now I can hike up and down mountains and do cover 10 miles at a time!

  • Lost many friends to Cancer and other diseases.

  • Lost my Aunt to a heart attack.

  • Got multiple grants for The Healing Woods and am calling in more!

  • Checked off a huge Bucket List item of traveling to Death Valley all the way up into the mountains and hiking through with the oldest trees on the planet, The Bristlecone Pines. Some are 4000 years about resilience!

In my 49th year I will:

  • Do more work on myself to come to peace completely with my past, especially when it comes to my upbringing and parents.

  • Embrace aging and death as sacred rites of passage.

  • Fly in an airplane somewhere.

  • Extend my yearly trip up and down the California Coastal Redwoods to include staying with friends in Portland.

  • Release 50 pounds in a natural and healthy way.

  • Invest in The Healing Woods through online advertising.

  • Find the artist for my deck or perhaps become that artist.

  • Finish writing the full length book that will come with the deck.

  • Be open to even more magic, adventure and gifts given to me by The Universe.

My Gift to You!

For the month of February I am offering you a special discounted rate for any modality you would can purchase your session HERE!

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