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Letters From the Heart and Spirit

I am having such a blast on my victorian styled writing desk writing correspondence from my heart in ink like it was the 1900's to the beautiful women of SpiritCraft who were in ritual with me last night!

The art of writing a letter is such a sweet ritual, and I am excited to mail to them a tangible magic tool from the online Spring Earth Magic Ritual we all took part in.

These letters are going to various parts of California, Portland and North Carolina. I love that magical women from all over the US meet with me online on or around each Full Moon.

They meet with me as a beautiful group to set intentions, receive Reiki, Tarot and sometimes Hypnotherapy, or we do a ritual or have a lovely guest come teach us about their way of connecting to Spirit.

That is the whole premise of SpiritCraft...Crafting your own personal connection to Spirit...whoever and whatever that may be.

ALL aspects of Spirit are welcome here.

Last night we called on Mary Magdalene, Fortuna, Freya and various Ancestors as we planted seeds for the futures we desired and came together as a group to hold a light up to each other's visions.

I would love to have you join in the healing magic and have a monthly check in to yourself, your needs and your dreams, because life goes by so's important to take moments in the rush to receive, feel community and connection.

Does this sound like something you would like to be a part of?

You can begin your journey of strengthening your connection to Spirit, which is strengthening your connection to you, which is the most important connection you can have in life HERE.

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