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Connecting to Yourself on the Deepest Level

Once the Pandemic hit 4 years ago and Social Distancing became the norm, I found myself in Solo Quarantine with LOTS of time on my hands to do some soul searching, and this was when I felt the most connected to myself through my connection to Spirit.

I called this time in my life "Heart School" and I did so many things in 2020 like:

  • Continued the Self Hypnosis to release 160 pounds

  • Continued my healing with Calling In The One

  • Truly forgave myself for allowing myself to reach 400 pounds and make bad decisions in love.

  • Released all ties to toxic relationships...especially in romantic love and old stale friendships.

  • Created SpiritCraft

SpiritCraft is my online Full Moon Ritual I offer to members where we connect with each other once a month to set an intention for the Full Moon and they receive the following:

  • Laser Spiritual Coaching

  • Reiki

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Tarot

  • Monthly teachings on different ways to connect to all the different forms of Spirit

SpiritCraft is open to ALL Belief Systems and Religions

SpiritCraft is open to everyone, no matter who or what they believe in.

I have been a spiritual seeker in life since I picked up my first Tarot Deck 37 years ago, and have continued that search in studying many belief systems and religions.

I was lucky enough to have my first job out of High School be at a Metaphysical Bookstore where I was introduced to the hundreds of different belief systems there are out there, and I read many books, attended hundreds of lectures and dove deeply into many different paths in the past 3 decades including:

  • Wicca

  • Buddhism

  • Self Realization Fellowship (Yogananda)

  • Shamanism

  • Hinduism

  • Kabbalah (and Qabalah)

Throughout the decades, I finely crafted my own beliefs, rituals and ways of connecting to Spirit by incorporating all of the things I have learned in the "Comparative Religion Class" of a life I have lead and hold this monthly online space to celebrate and learn from all different facets of Spirit.

SpiritCraft = Crafting your own connection to your Spirit

SpiritCraft is a once a month online ritual done under the light of the Full Moon where you can call in whatever your connection to Spirit is be it God, Goddess, Buddha, Krishna, Ancestors, Universe...ANYone to set intentions for the month to come.

It is held online, and recorded for anyone who can't make it live to watch whenever works for them.

I invite you to join SpiritCraft to learn more ways of connecting to Spirit, which as a result connects you more deeply to yourself, which is the most important connection we can ask for in life.

You can book a free call with me HERE to ask me questions about SpiritCraft

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