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3 Ways to Push Your Reset Button

This year has started out with a huge bang in many emotional and energetic ways.

It seems I can’t log onto Facebook without reading about a death…either a musician or actor…or within my inner circle of friends reporting a family member or beloved pet leaving this mortal coil.

2016 is proving to be anything but timid, and many clients and friends are coming to me wanting to know how to flow with the punches and change course either physically, emotionally or both.

I am sharing with you my main 3 ways I have learned to reset my course in life.

I was born with LOTS of Scorpion energy in my birth chart. I have Scorpio in my Midheaven (which means Scorpio is the energy that shines down on ALL of my houses and planets) and I have Pluto (Scorpio’s ruling planet) in multiple houses and Pluto even opposes my ruling planet as an Aquarius, Uranus!

Scorpio’s ruler Pluto is the planet of Death and Rebirth…killing what no longer serves, to make room for that which you desire to happen within and around you.

Being born into this Death/Rebirth energy, I am one of those rare breeds that LOVES change and does it well.  I actually thrive on it.

If change and transformation are not happening within my life, I do not feel as if I am living it to its fullest. As my ideas evolve…so does my life, and as my life evolves…so do my ideas. It is the most beautifully cyclical law I have discovered in life.

As long as I breathe…I evolve. I believe that is what we as humans are put onto this planet to do…change and evolve….not just merely survive and exist.

That in mind…here are some of the ways I have found to roll with the punches of change.

These also work when change is what you want, but you feel as if your life is stagnant.

Either way…if change is controlling your life or stagnation is trapping it…here are some sure fire ways to bring on that reset button that is the only medicine for the paralysis of evolution in your life:

1) Change Your Thoughts 

Yeah…I know what you are thinking, “Easier said than done!”…but it really is quite easy, once you get in the conscious habit of it.

Our brains have SO MUCH power over what we create in our lives. We are 100% in control of what is happening to us and what we attract. The good as well as the bad. If we focus on how lonely, poor, or in pain we feel…then that is exactly what we draw to us in situations, people and emotions that we attract.

The most effective way  to change your thoughts is to catch yourself when you have a        negative thought, and be aware of it. Awareness is the first step. Most people are not            even aware of how negative they can be especially towards themselves.

We are always our own worst critics, and this is unfortunate, because we are the builders of our own lives.

If  you are constantly criticizing what you build…you will never be at peace within your life, no matter how awesome it actually is.

Catch the negative thoughts you are having, and consciously think the exact opposite. Here are some examples:

“I am broke, and can’t afford to go out with my friends who keep inviting me to awesome places” becomes, “I am so happy and grateful that I have so many friends that want to spend time with me that I am going to host a pot luck at my house, and have them all come and shower me with the love and energy they want to give me!”

“I hate my job, and can’t imagine going in again on Monday.” becomes, “I am so happy and grateful that I have a steady paycheck coming in to pay my bills while I figure out what it is that my soul is meant to do on this planet for a living!”

“I feel so sick, and am tired of always having to go to the doctor.” becomes, “I am so happy and grateful that I can see doctors to get an idea of what is happening inside my body. I am joining forces with my body, and going on a journey with it to see what types of healing it needs. My relationship with my body is stronger than whatever illness is visiting it.”

2. Kill It With Fire

The term “Put a fire under you!” was created for a reason!

Fire as an element can destroy…but within that destruction, it also purifies and leads to rebirth.

When most people think of a forest fire, they are very saddened for all of the plant life and trees that have died within the black charred earth that is left once the fire passes.

The silver lining within this destruction is the fact that certain seeds need fire in order to be released, and if it weren’t for that fire…that seed would never be given a chance to sprout and become something as beautiful as a Redwood Tree!

The tiny Redwood cones are literally glued shut with a strong resin.  These cones are referred to as Serotinous which means late blooming.  Serotinous cones can hang on a tree for years without opening up to release its seeds.  When a fire sweeps through a forest, the heat from the fire melts the resin, allowing the cones to open up and release the seeds.

Here is the size of a little tiny redwood cone:

So fire runs through the forest, and releases the tiniest of seeds which bring about this tree after MUCH time:

I mean…they are BIG:

So in other words…this would be the same as you having huge dreams and goals you want to achieve…but there are obstacles standing in the way.

You can kill the obstacles with fire by burning a list of that which is standing in the way of your goals, allowing the seed of hope, desire and manifestation to open for you! Before you know it…you will be standing within a forest of your wishes fulfilled!

It just takes the tiniest of seeds to create something larger than life.

Take some time to list out EVERYthing that you feel is in the way of your goals. It can be people, addictions, habits, fear of success, fear of failure, attachment to old relationships, laziness, doubt…any and all of these and SO much more!

Take that list, and READ IT OUT LOUD…get it out of your heart and gut…allow it to flow out of your Throat Chakra, and into the ears of a trusted friend, so they too can hold space for you being done with these things.

Once you have read it out loud burn it, and know that it is leaving your reality, because you created it with your mind and it manifested in your life…so of course you can release yourself from it, and move on.

This is exactly what I do when I help people with Bullshit Bonfires.

Bullshit Bonfire done on a Full Moon at The Yogi Tree

Bullshit Bonfire done on a Full Moon at The Yogi Tree

I also add in some visioning, tarot card pulls and Reiki to strengthen the process of cutting the cords to your past pain, so you can be free to create the pleasure in your life that you well deserve.

3) Change Your Surroundings

This is a big one.

Our houses and clothes, furniture, etc. hold onto energy BIG TIME.

That dress you wore on the first date with the man you just broke up with…the bed you shared with him…the letters and pictures that bring you physical pain to go through…the wedding dress you married your ex husband in decades ago…the hospital paperwork from that horrific health scare you had years ago? They all hold energy, and your emotions can be triggered by the memories and energy that they each hold.

I understand that certain things you may not be ready to burn or get rid of completely…but at least get them out of your immediate area. Put them into storage, or out in the garage, or if you don’t have a garage or storage unit, buy a small shed at a garden supply store, and put it outside on the back porch…get it out of the house you live your life in, and especially out of the room you lay your head down to sleep in!

I had a client who absolutely could not stop dreaming about her ex. She bought a new bed, burned his name on lists every week, bought new sheets, even moved out of her house, and she was still plagued with nightmares of him!

I went to go do a house cleansing and blessing for her new place, and when we got to the bedroom, I noticed a heavy energy coming from under her bed. She has TONS of old letters and pictures of him in a box under her bed!

NO WONDER she could not sleep and was plagued by his image in all of her dreams…he was sleeping right under her!

We got that box out of her house, and into storage. I cleansed the room and especially under her bed with a huge dose of Reiki, and I am happy to report that the dreams have completely stopped, and she is feeling freed from the past pain that plagued her in her sleep. She is now coming in for regular Reiki, and is sleeping like a baby!

I hope these suggestions help you to work your way through any stagnation, emotional bondage and old attachments you are feeling bound by.

These have been the trifecta of change within my life, and I am happy to share them with you…may they serve you well, as they have served me.

Enjoy the process of transformation, and remember to love yourself through each stage.

It is only within love that we can truly cut ourselves free from pain.

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