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Why I Talk to Trees

This Tree is my Magical Portal

I have been visiting this Redwood Tree deep in the Humboldt County Redwood Forests for over 2 decades, and have done literally hundreds of personal rituals and self healing sessions within her.

I have manifested SO MUCH within her and so many signs she hears me have favorite story I have of literally manifesting within her is:

In 2011 was looking for the perfect house, and on a New Moon, I sat within the huge hole in her gigantic trunk and made a long list of everything I wanted within my new home which included hardwood floors, fireplace, safe quiet tree filled street, walkable to trails, amazing neighbors, lots of character and so on.
I sent Reiki to the list and visualized pretty much exactly the home I have now when my cell phone rang out inside of her.
It was my landlord who I had told I was looking to relocate to a 2 bedroom because the 1 bedroom I was in was too small, and I wanted to run The Healing Woods out of a second bedroom.
She told me that she just got the call that the home I am in now was available, and when I got back to Altadena to look at it, it had literally every single thing I asked for within my Tree!

Last year I had a special offer of sharing her magic and healing with all of you during my trip, and it sold out quickly...July is my next trip to visit her and I am doing a special New Moon Seed Planting for all of you.

With this New Moon Redwood Magic you will Receive:

1) 24 hours of Reiki around the positive seed you want to plant in your life.
2) A Tarot Card pulled around your seed.
3) A magically dressed candle burned on the New Moon for your seed.

Last year this sold out quite quickly, and I had so much positive feedback around it, that I decided to bring it back this year.

The beautiful thing about this offering is that it is magic and healing done for you that you do not need to show up at any certain time for. I will be burning the candle for you, sending you your tarot reading via email and sending you a beautiful video of the Tree with the Reiki Grid inside of it on the day of the New don't have to show up for anything at a certain day/time.

I only get out to my Tree in person once a this is the only time I will be offering this powerful portal to all of you!

Last year's participants experienced things like:

  • Getting an amazing new job for way more $

  • Releasing heartbreak and "feeling alive again after 2 years"

  • Manifesting $10,000

  • Finding the perfect publisher for their book.

  • Found the man of her dreams and they now live together.

You can book your ticket to Redwood Manifesting magic HERE...act quickly, before the spots are snatched up!

You will not need to be present at any given time for this as it will all be done remotely in the Redwood Forests and you will receive a picture of the Reiki Grid within the tree, a picture of your candle being burned on the New Moon and a picture of your Tarot Card and reading via text, email or over messenger if we are connected on Facebook or Instagram.

You don't need to do anything but receive the magic, the healing and the love of the Redwoods on 7/16!

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