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What's a HypnoDoula?

Did you know that I specialize in Fertility Reiki?

For many years, I was a Birth Doula standing by women and supporting them through up to 21 hours of Labor and their whole Birthing process in Hospitals, Birthing Centers and at home births.

I no longer am able to have a schedule open enough to drop everything the moment my client goes into labor, however I can help them all through their pregnancy with Reiki and Hypnotherapy to prepare their body and mind for the best birthing experience. I also do Hypnosis recordings for them to take with them to have me be there in spirit and voice for their whole labor and birth!

Here is a review from a recent Fertility Reiki client:

"Kristin is awesome. I went to her because I was told it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant.

It was suggested that I get pumped full of hormones and freeze my eggs before it was too late. I decided that I wanted to go a natural route and do Reiki and acupuncture.

I found Kristin through yelp and felt very at ease after my sessions with her. during one session she read some cards for me and said she thought that I'd get pregnant right my surprise I did!"

We are now discussing her HypnoDoula package and I very much look forward to moving from Fertility Reiki to Pregnancy Reiki to helping her create the birth of her most beautiful dreams through Hypnotherapy!

You can begin your journey with Fertility Reiki by going HERE.

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