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What I Wish For You….

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

I wish for each and every person who reads this post the following:

Deep all encompassing acceptance of all facets of your being. The light and inspiration that you strive for…but also the deep shadow within you and the dark roots that support you.

I wish you peace from the first breath of life to the last…acceptance of all that you have as well as all that you have lost.

I wish for you to see yourself to the core of your being, and love all of the ways that you are different from the herd.

I wish for you the healing alchemy of changing all that has pained you into the power that propels you further into the beautiful light and dark of you.

I wish for you connection to all of Creation’s gifts for us: Nature, other humans and especially YOU…I wish deep connection to all of the beauty and perfection that you are, because you are perfectly you, and right where you should be in life.

I wish for you the wisdom that no matter how dark your surroundings, the brightest and most powerful light is the one within, and it is powered by your darkness just as much as it is powered by your light.

I wish for you laughter, love and tears of truth.

I wish for you the ability to spread your truth all over the world, and to find the tribe that will inspire you to grow beyond your learned boundaries into the Universe sized space that is yours for the being.

I wish for you feelings of empowerment…this is the time for you to grow, to feel, to become and to release all that stands in the way of your desires becoming your reality.

I wish for you to feel all of the strength that you have buried within you. Not only skeletons and pain are buried within us…treasure is buried as well. May you unearth your treasure chest of wisdom, strength, love and power to share with the world.

May you love who you are and where you are in life even though you know that you deserve so much more.

May you know that you are all that you seek and more.

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