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To Help You in the Dark Times

This is a picture of my old house that I accidentally burned down 8/23/98...the near death experience which followed in the Burn Ward changed the path of my life forever.

I know a lot of people are going through some intense transitions in life right now with illnesses, divorces, job loss I want to share a quote I read in my hospital bed that really got me through the fire as well as any affliction that followed in my life for all of you struggling to feel strength through your trials.

I was 23 and laying in The Grossman Burn Ward hooked to a Morphine Drip when I first read this quote in a book that a friend of the family just happened to bring in for me.

It immediately made me put down the book and take in the it again...and again...and write it in my journal for safe keeping.

The book itself was not particularly was about the Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory, and more of a novel.

This quote, however...was the whole reason I was randomly given that book and it became my go to in life for the past 25 years when things got difficult and scary.

A quarter century ago, on 8/23/98 I died and came back to life in a Burn Ward after receiving 3rd degree burns over 30% of my body and my Phoenix Wings have grown stronger and able to take me to new levels each year.

I hope this quote helps you when you are going through these trials too and reminds you of your strength:

"If you go to the marketplace, you will see the potter hitting his clay pots with a stick to show how strong and solid they are.

The wise potter hits only the strongest pots and never the flawed ones.

So too, The Universe sends such tests and afflictions only to people it knows are capable of handling them, so that they and others can learn the extent of their spiritual strength."

~Andre Cortescu

From "The Blood Countess"

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