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Out in Public in my Bathing Suit For the Win

As I near the 150 pounds lost mark on my weight loss journey, I am noticing some really small changes in my body, mind and life as well as some pretty significant ones.

For one thing, the way I view myself within my mind has changed from seeing the "before" picture as being me to finally catching up with the after picture my body is I am within my mind when I think of myself.

Other things I am noticing are my rings being too big for the fingers they have lived on for years, and I have been needing to change up which fingers I wear them on and even having to buy ring sizing gadgets that make the rings I have smaller and able to stay on my fingers.

My shoes are loser even, and I am of course having an amazing time shopping for my new body and figuring out what dress size I am in the current moment as it continues to go down every time I shop.

Also, since I did the deep healing on myself that is so needed with any weight loss journey that wants to last...I have some cemented proof that things within me have clearly changed for the better on the Subconscious level, and for that, I am celebrating Hypnotherapy and the transformative magic I have created for myself within it.

Your habits are rooted within the 88% of your Subconscious Mind, and your Will Power resides in the 12% of your Conscious Mind.

What this means is that even though I consciously decided with 12% of my brain to lose weight and eat and live in a way that supports major weight loss, until the 88% of my Subconscious was on board...every time something unforeseen, emotional or outside of my current way of eating happened, I would have the chance of sliding back into my habits instead of willing myself to eat on target.

I saw all of the work I did on myself come to my rescue a few different times this past month. In the past anytime something emotional would happen or any loss would come into my life, I would have slipped back into the habit of eating poorly or doing things that bring me further away from my goal. This month...I saw myself SUBconsciously make the correct choices that helped me closer and closer to my goal.

That's when I knew I had won the battle...when my subconscious decisions were finally on target with the changes I desire in life.

My subconscious habits are finally on track with where I consciously want to be in life, and that has made the weight 88% more easy for me to release now that 100% of my brain is working towards my goal!

One way it has changed my life is I am finally open to doing things in my bathing suit out in public!

This may not seem like a huge deal for most people...but for me...this is HUGE!

Since my teenage years, I haven't had the guts to go to the beach in a bathing suit, pool parties or anywhere else clothing was optional. I had ALL the excuses and after decades of these types of events just being completely out of my wheelhouse, I feel so invigorated after one of my most recent desert adventures where I went to a clothing optional Desert Hot Springs and spent 24 hours in nothing but my bathing suit amongst complete strangers...and not even a cover up over my bathing suit!

Is my body 100% where I want it to be? No.

Do I love it exactly where it is today? Yes.

Do I feel completely freed from decades of self hate and hiding? YES!!!

I am celebrating the love I have found for myself AND my body even though I am not at my goal.

I am celebrating how far my body has come now that I am loving up on it in all ways.

I am celebrating who I am and how strong, focused and happy I am right where I am today.

At this point, the weight release is secondary to how much self love I am thriving on, and although I am still checking in weekly to see the numbers go down...I am enjoying just being within the flow of love for me, and the more I love me...the easier it is to transform into who I have always wished I could be.

I would love to help anyone out there reading this who feels hopeless about weight loss. I am here to show you it CAN be done naturally even after decades of being hundred(s) of pounds overweight and even AFTER matter what your doctors and the media tells you.

You can read more about my Hypnotherapy offerings HERE...I will say that weight loss is not a one (or even couple) session thing to really turn around for good.

Food and eating are the first ways we are shown love and safety within the first moments of birth, so the deep patterns we have built up around this take some time to break through...and once you will be riding the amazing waves of self love I am today!

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