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New Super Moon in Aquarius

The following is something I wrote for a New Moon in Aquarius event I am hosting tomorrow night.

It is some basic information on what the different phases of the moon are and how to work with them.

Also I have included some basic information on tonight’s moon’s specific message to us, being in Aquarius.

Being a double Aquarius…I am feeling the rebirthing vibe BIG time. The past couple years have been all about rebirthing my career, and taking it from one of fear based corporate drone to heart based Reiki Master/Doula. The rebirth has happened, and I am flying high on those new wings I sprouted.

This year is all about the book and transforming my physical body. The work in the cocoon on the physical body has already begun…looking forward to who emerges later on this year…and what she has to write.

Working With The Phases of The Moon

As beings that are made up of over 75% water, we cannot help but be affected by the Moon. Think about the Ocean, and how amazing the waves become around the Full Moon. The moon has a significant impact on tides, due to the gravitational attraction of the moon on the Earth’s water. 

Women’s menstrual cycles used to be in sync with the moon phases, before we flooded the Earth’s surface with artificial light, dreams are usually more intense during the Full Moon and crime rates are known to rise slightly on a Full Moon night as well.

There are 3 main phases of the Moon that are very powerful to work with within meditation and manifesting, and they are:

Full Moon – (When the moon is at its fullest) Good for bringing full power to something. Manifestation of a desired goal that you have been working on, or a seed that you have already planted in the world.

New Moon – (The tiniest sliver of the moon showing in the night sky) Good for getting rid of the old and stagnant within your life, and starting over with a new intention to replace that which you released.

Dark Moon – (No moon visible within the night sky) – This is the night just before the New Moon. This is a night good for working out past hurts and emotional issues. A time to reflect, work on Karmic blockages and ancestral issues. A time to go deep within.

In order to use the Moon’s full manifesting power, it is best to work with it monthly by looking back on your life to see what lessons you want to move forward from on the Dark Moon, plant a new intention into the garden of your life on the New Moon, water that seed and bring it into full power on the Full Moon and then start over again on the Dark Moon of the next month with another intention, or another aspect of that same one as the previous month, if it has not completely manifested yet.

Tonight’s New Super Moon in Aquarius

Tonight, we are working with the New Moon energies while the Moon is within the Astrological sign of Aquarius. The Moon moves pretty quickly through Astrological signs every 3 days, and currently she is residing in the eccentric, forward thinking whirlwind of Aquarius. 

A Super Moon is a Moon that is closer to the Earth than usual…so we are dealing with energies that are even stronger, because of this.

Aquarius is the rebel of the Zodiac. The weirder the better for Aquarius, and with it being a fixed air sign, it is very intuitive, visionary and bold.

This New Moon is inviting you to boldly step into the new changes you are looking to begin. With this New Super Moon being the first New Moon of 2015, this is the perfect time to really concrete the life changes you may have been begun working towards at the turn of the year. Now is the time to kick into high gear, and really vision them coming, and out more focus on receiving the beautiful changes you want to bring into your life!

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