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New Offering for 2023!

I'm so excited for this new year and my new offering that I have added to all the other magic I offer at The Healing Woods!

All of 2022 was spent being trained intensely and certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas who wrote "Calling In The One" and "Conscious Uncoupling" to be one of her Calling In The One Coaches!

I am receiving some lovely reviews from clients who have gone through my 8 week journey offering as their coach for "Calling In The One".

This is an amazing journey where you call in yourself and your power back from past relationships, clear emotional blockages that can go all the way to childhood, get clear on where you are moving towards in your future and finally truly fall in love with who and where you are in life.

This is just one of the beautiful reviews I have received, which I will be working on getting up on my website so you, too can become the love of your life!

"I had the great fortune of being coached by Kristin in the summer of 2022. During this time, she assisted me with transforming my identity -- from someone who lived from a center of very low self-worth to a woman who fully owns her value. Kristin used a variety of modalities to support my transformation including teaching, coaching, and hypnotherapy. I felt deeply cared about and supported both inside and in between our sessions - she is accessible, caring, and attentive. One of her greatest strengths is listening. She is a safe and powerful listener, and helped me draw connections that I could never have made on my own. Working with Kristin was one of my best investments in 2022, and I return to my notebook frequently as a source of ongoing support. Plus, I listen to the custom hypnotherapy recordings almost daily. More importantly, we achieved my intention of becoming the love of my life, and having my relationships be a reflection of that. I am genuinely happy in all my relationships, perhaps for the first time in my whole life." ~SalliAnne M.

You can book a free call with me HERE to see if Calling In The One work is right for you...I would love to help you fall more deeply in love with you!

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