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Midwife to Your Rebirth

It's a beautiful thing to be a midwife to someone's Shadow Work...and to be there with them through the depths of their pain and darkness, and also there for them at the end of their journey and the rebirth of the new person they have become.

Rebirth and transformation does not happen in one session...or even a's taken you as old as you are to get where you will take some digging to get you out.

Yesterday, I concluded a "Your Complete Metamorphosis of Love" package with a beautiful client who began our work a few months ago stuck on a man from her past, hiding in her cave of depression and self loathing and feeling completely detached from people around her, even family.

I went into that cave with her, and brought the torch light of the deep Shadow Work of being a Calling in the One Coach, Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist with me, and went deep with her into what and WHO was possible for her to be.

Yesterday she was celebrating that after decades of feeling alone...she feels true love within herself, and because of that...her relationships with family have begun to thrive, she feels hope and excitement for the future, and she can finally truthfully say that she knows deep down in her heart of hearts that the man from her past is NOT where she is headed, and she has begun dating again.

The cave doesn't have to be a place you go alone...having a guide who knows the tools and has the light to help you through it is key.

Allow me to share my light to add to the one inside of you, and together we will find your can book a free call with me to hear more about my packages, and ask me any questions you may have.

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