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How to Swim Through Intense Emotions

What an emotional time this New Moon in Pisces is turning out to be. I have been hearing clients and friends tell me emotions are running high out there, and lots of change is in the air...or the water, I should say. Pisces is a Water sign, and also one of the most emotional, psychic and sweet signs out there.

So much good work can be done right now within healing, visioning and cutting ties to anything getting in the way of our mental and emotional health. I have been taking quick hikes out in Nature almost daily to deal with my emotional stuff coming up, and trying to find water as much as possible. Yesterday I did some River Magic with a friend, and tomorrow I plan on spending my day off in the arms of the Ocean. Visiting the Element of Water is a beautiful thing to do to help cleanse, purify and release heavy emotions.

Here are some ways I work with the Element of Water within healing myself, ritual and magic: Ritual baths - use oils, crystals, salt and herbs that call to you to help bathe away anything attached to you. Use Reiki on yourself in the bath and focus for a while on each Chakra and when you get out of the bath, visualize all of that water taking your worries away as it goes down the drain. Drinking Ritual Water - infuse Full Moon or New Moon water with herbs, crystals, Reiki and your intentions, and drink or clean your home with it whenever you feel you can use a boost. River Magic - Visit your favorite river, and pick leaves up off the ground. Bring a sharpie pen with you, and write things on the leaves you want to release. I then Reiki the leaves to my heart one by one, saying goodbye to those lessons with love, and release them into the flow of the river and feel so much lighter and brighter. Ocean Healing - There are SO MANY ways I work with Mama Ocean...the way I work within healing with her is getting into Her and allowing the waves to hit me in each Chakra, asking her to take away anything that is in my way. When I get to the deeper part of the ocean, and duck under the waves, I swim to the calm place after the waves and float, talking to her, and imagining waves of her abundance, power and healing coming my way. I have SO MANY more Rituals to share (like seriously hundreds), and I love teaching them in depth to my SpiritCraft Community that meets online every Full Moon! The next SpiritCraft is 3/8 at 7pm PST, and I will be teaching them how to do Seed Planting Earth Magic just in time for the Spring Equinox coming our way! SpiritCraft is a monthly membership which gives you a beautiful space monthly to receive healing, set intentions, connect with the Full Moon and most importantly connect with yourself and Spirit. It is always recorded, so you can be a part of the magic whenever works for you if you can't make it on Zoom live.

This is your invitation to join SpiritCraft and learn more healing rituals! I invite you to join in the SpiritCraft Ritual membership and enjoy monthly online Full Moon rituals, gatherings, teachings and connection...if you would like to get in on this Full Moon gathering to superpower your healing...just go HERE!

I am sending you so much love during this emotional time...and a reminder that I am here for you to not only do my soul's work of Reiki, Hypnosis, Coaching and readings for you, but also to empower you to be able to do your own healing by teaching you Reiki, Ritual and offer Spiritual Coaching so you can step into the power of being your own healer...because YOU are who knows how to heal you the best!

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