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Do Less, Be More and Receive All

I posted this on this date in 2020...a few weeks into the Global Pandemic...and it still holds true in 2023:

The Medicine I am receiving from this Global Pandemic is that now is a time to Receive instead of Achieve.

Believe me...I am an achiever tenfold in life...but these are different times.

I've seen memes being shared shaming people for not "building their side hustle" during this time and telling them it is wasted time if they don't achieve.


This unprecedented silence in the world is a time to go within instead of constantly being out there pushing and hustling. This is a time to align with your truth...your path...yourSELF.

I'm not saying to give up, but rather to give in, and listen to that voice of the soul that whispers at you through the screaming of life.

Life is not screaming allow yourself the time to hear.

20 years ago when I was building The Healing Woods to one day be my main source of income instead of my 9-5 advertising Industry job, I was doing my best to listen to my soul and finally heard a whisper from my soul in meditation through the screams of life, and a Mantra came to me:

Do Less

Be More

Receive All

Today I finally REALLY understand what it means.

Back then I was trying to do and be all the things for everyone as lead singer of a band, a cog in the advertising world and hopeful business owner wanting to break free from the 9-5 machine, and I did what I could with the understanding I had and achieved a lot within that journey.

These days...the journey is less about achieving accolades, money, status and awards...these days it is all about receiving...receiving wisdom, love, healing, peace, breath, time, rest and soul knowledge.

Please don't force yourself to put on an act, keep yourself busy or build an empire right the foundation of the New You through rest, creativity and receiving.

Life will wind up again after this grinding halt, and then you can go back to achieving...right now, do your soul a favor and just receive.

Do Less

Be More

Receive All

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