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Becoming The Love of Your Life!

I just finished up a 7 week "Calling In The One" coaching journey with a beautiful client, and she cried because she didn't want the work to end.

Going into the Cave to do this deep transformational Shadow Work is NOT for the faint of heart.

I went into that cave with her, and brought the torch light of being a Calling in the One Coach, Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist with me, and went deep with her into what and WHO was possible for her to be.

The cave doesn't have to be a place you go alone...having a guide who knows the tools and has the light to help you through it is key.

She said she felt more connected to herself, saw herself differently and made some huge shifts and changes in what she will (and more importantly, won't) accept in all her relationships in life.

We are moving into a healing journey with Reiki and Hypnotherapy now that the coaching portion has concluded, and I feel so grateful that I can offer my knowledge of this work and my support energetically, spiritually and emotionally to my clients.

Here is what she recently left on my Google Profile that makes my heart smile:

"Kristin is amazing and I feel grateful for having her as my coach. Doing the "Calling in the One" has been a beautifully magical experience for me. Her reiki has helped with my anxiety, to help build my confidence, and to make the life that I visualize for myself happen now. She has entered my life at perfect timing. Thank you Kristin! "

I would be honored to take you on this beautiful journey of releasing your past, FINALLY falling in love with yourself and becoming the love of your life.

You can learn more about this deep Shadow Work HERE:

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