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5 Ways to Ground in Chaotic Times

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

How's everyone doing after that intense Super Blue Moon in Pisces?

I was on full speed ahead hyperdrive the day of the Super Blue Moon...I decided to spend the day doing something I've never done before to honor the "Once in a Blue Moon" of the day, and went to Sawdust Art Festival with my Uncle and bought some lovely dragon earrings.

Then I did something I've done thousands of times, and went to the beach to walk on the shore and honor the watery Pisces energy, and set some intentions.

I got home after a full day in Nature, made my Moon Water, some candle magic and stayed up way to late, and the moon didn't let me sleep too well once I did finally go to bed.

Needless to say, I had a HUGE Moon Hang Over the next day!

Here are some things I do to ground myself when emotions and energies are running amuck, and I need to reel myself back in:

1) Spend time on connecting to Earth - I made sure to spend some time outside connecting to trees. While the beach is amazingly cleansing and beautiful to be in, the mountains and trees were what I needed the next day to ground. Take some time to hug a tree, sit on a big rock, walk barefoot in the grass or simply sit on the earth with your back to a tree in your backyard if you only have a few moments in between things on a busy day.

2) Eat root vegetables or something nutritious that grows in the earth - Food has a good way of grounding us, especially fruits, vegetables and legumes that grow in our beautiful earth. Even popping a few almonds and eating them with the intention of bringing you back to earth will work.

3) Breathe - Literally shutting down the computer, putting down the phone, stopping the car and closing your eyes and taking deep breaths with your eyes closed does wonders for bringing you back into your body. Perhaps even asking yourself what you are feeling and what you need in that moment. Perhaps you are feeling like stretching and need a glass of water. Attending to your body's needs is very grounding.

4) Grab crystals or stones that ground you - I am famous for always carrying some sort of crystal in my bra that helps for whatever I am needing, feeling or wanting to manifest that day. Having a nice grounding crystal like Onyx, Hematite, Obsidian or even just a random rock you find outside in your yard will do wonders for grounding.

5) Listening to Hypnosis - there is nothing more grounding than turning off the world and tuning into you. Hypnosis recordings are a beautiful way in which to ground and center into something positive for yourself and create the future you desire.

I have $25 Hypnosis Recordings for your Grounding Needs

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