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Everything I offer at The Healing Woods can be done just as easily online as it can in person, and working online with me is extremely convenient for you, since you can lay back at home and receive your Reiki, Reading or Hypnotherapy, and enjoy the healing buzz for as long as you can after our session to prolong the peace.


When you drive to me, you have to worry about first getting there on time through traffic, and then grounding and driving home in traffic right after, which can definitely take away from the peace and cleansing Reiki and Hypnotherapy offer you.


Working with me online allows for you to actually drift off and take a nap after your session, which I strongly suggest, since it will allow the healing to go even more deeply into your subconscious during your sleep.

In fact, 100% of my practice has transitioned to online-only due to the COVID-19 Quarantine, and 100% of my clients have remarked on how much more deeply they are able to go within Hypnosis and how much stronger they feel the Reiki working with me online instead of in person.

There are a couple of reasons for this:


  1. Your subconscious mind knows your home to be a “safe zone” and will allow you to let go of the ever-present fight or flight that happens whenever you leave the safety of your home.

  2. Your subconscious mind also knows that you have to drive right after the session, so it will hold on and only let you go so deep to protect you. 

  3. When receiving healing at home, the healing session can be as long as you want it to be! You can meditate before or after our time instead of fighting traffic, journal after with a candle burning and some calming music or just allow yourself to fall asleep right after instead of running out the door into the world. 


Working online with me allows you to have a 2 or 3-hour healing session where if you come to me in person, our time is limited to the time you booked with me since I will have a client after you.


Studies at Stanford University and in a scientific lab in the UK have shown scientific proof of Reiki energy being caught on camera using Kirlian Photography showing the energy leaving the practitioner’s hands and traveling to the receiver. We are all in the same energetic grid, so the energy can be sent across the country just as effectively as it can be sent across the room.


In Sweden, Reiki Master Torsten Lange sent Distance Reiki to a glass of water all the way in a laboratory in the UK under the strict scientific protocol, and after the Reiki was finished being sent, the glass of water in a different country which was tested before and after the Distance Reiki session, showed a remarkable positive difference in the molecular structure of the water.


Think about the time and money you will save by not having to drive for your session, and more importantly...think about the positive impact it will have on the world. We have seen such a beautiful change in air quality and Mother Nature is absolutely thriving with not as many people driving around putting toxic emissions into our precious air. 


I, for one, am proud to transition my practice into a more sustainable way to keep our air as clear and nature as thriving as possible for the good of all.


I have Virtual sessions for all of the following. Click the links:



Virtual Sessions Testimonials

I've been working with Kristin 100% remotely over Zoom for about 6 months now, and at this point I can't imagine ever NOT working with her. 

Our virtual hypnotherapy sessions have become such a crucial part of my week! While this isn't the only thing we've worked on, a big focus was my health. I joined a nutrition program before working with Kristin, but as we all know, knowing what to do.. and actually DOING IT.. are two very different things. Kristin supported getting my subconscious on board with these new nutrition habits, in ways I never could have imagined. 

I've shed 50 lbs so far, but the crazy part is that it felt EASY. There was NO inner or subconscious resistance. I've struggled with health my entire life, and this may sound too good to be true, but at this point it's just not something I struggle with anymore - AT ALL. It all feels so easy, and I've got the lab work to prove that it's physically made a tremendous difference. 

Jennifer Spivak - New York City, NY


Kristin provided me with online Akashic readings that completely blew me away and are spot on to the point. The insight she provided as to who I am, where I came from, and what lessons I am learning are so valuable in helping me understand myself. The readings were so detailed and filled with genuine love and guidance. There was certainly a change after.

Kristin, you are an amazing person, gifted and certainly would recommend her for any readings.

Vanisha Sobnauth-Luckhun - Doral, FL

I love Kristin's compassionate approach. This is pure, grounded spiritual practice that produces real-life results. After our online sessions, I was able to let go of some old beliefs that were holding me back, and feel even more clear about my path and mission in the world. If you're looking for support with energy work, hypnotherapy, or belief shifts, I highly recommend Kristin's online services.

Bryna Haynes - Foster, Rhode Island

Kristin is my trusted guide into my subconscious. Every session I've had with her was transformational. She asks the pertinent questions to really get a clear picture of what my energy needs to release. I love that I'm able to work with her online! I'm able to do hypnotherapy sessions in the comfort of my own home so I can go really deep into my journey. It's also so much easier to schedule than trying to find time to go somewhere in person. Being an energy healer myself, I am well aware of the benefits of distant Reiki, readings, and healing modalities and I really feel the power of our sessions though we are miles apart. Can I give you more than 5 stars, please?

Whitney McNeill - Sedona, AZ



I have known and have been working with Kristin for over 6 years. When I started going to her was when I was in my darkest moment in life and I got introduced to her by a mutual friend. I would go see Kristin as often as I could and we would work on my depression and the cancer cells I had just been diagnosed with. Now 6 years later I'm cancer-free and depression free! I had always been curious as to how Reiki works via Zoom since I’m so used to doing it in person and I must tell you I was left in amazement! It felt like she was in the same room with me, it was beautiful. She's a beautiful human being with a beautiful gift.  I can't wait to keep working with her online. I highly recommend her to everyone and don't hesitate doing a Zoom appointment with her because you will not be disappointed! I will definitely be booking more in the future.

Karla Cuencas - Los Angeles, CA



My recent online tarot reading with Kristin on Zoom was the best readings I've ever had! Her intuition is phenomenal, her insight is spot on & her ability to clarify situations in order to make progress in my life path is outstanding!


I cannot recommend Kristin enough! What a BLESSING!

If you are reading this...You should book an online appointment now!

Whende Be - Trinidad, CA

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