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A magickal online gathering


What is a Blue Moon?



A Blue Moon happens when there are two Full Moons in a single month, and we are lucky if this happens even once a year.


This year we are lucky enough to have a Blue Moon in August, with the first Full Moon on 8/1/23 and the second Full Moon AKA Blue Moon on 8/31/23.

After 8/31/23...the Next Blue Moon isn't until 2024!


The Blue Moon is a huge time of manifestation and magic!

This is a time where you can receive all of the good things in life you desire and deserve, especially if you clear out all of the old baggage first!


We cannot receive new things with open arms if our arms are still busy carrying loss, fear or other heavy energies from the past.


Just like a farmer would not plant seeds in soil that is filled with the death of last season, we too need to pull out the weeds and death from our past before doing any sort of manifesting work.


The seeds we plant in freshly weeded and tilled soil, have a far better chance of rooting and sprouting into amazing plants for us to harvest in the near future!


This is where I

come in to help.


As a Reiki Master/Certified Hypnotherapist, I am here to help you get the garden of your Subconscious Mind ready to plant all of the new seeds you desire to grow in your life.

In order to manifest change within ourselves or for new things to come our way…we must first make sure the 88% of our brain power which is the Subconscious Mind is not standing in our way with fears, unresolved losses and other blockages that keep what we want out of reach.



- Beliefs

- Perceptions

- Emotions

- Habits

- Values

- Protective Reactions

- Long Term Memory

- Imagination

- Intuition



- Will Power

- Short Term Thinking

- Logical Thinking

- Critical Thinking


Before I accessed the power of my Subconscious Mind, I struggled with weight loss. I would lose a few pounds in a month and then go back to my old ways. Even though I was doing everything right by eating a healthy plant-based diet and cutting out sugar…my body still found a way to hold onto the weight, and my mind still found a way to cancel out my determination after a while.

After taking a whole year to receive Hypnotherapy, do self-hypnosis, do self-Reiki healings and get really focused on my Inner Child (AKA Subconscious Mind) I am happy to report that this year, I have EASILY dropped over 100 pounds and 20 inches around my hips and 16 inches around my waist!

I am also continuing to lose easily…I am just flowing with the weight loss instead of it feeling like a battle because I have 100% of my brainpower focused on releasing the weight instead of struggling through the weight loss using only the only 12% of my brain which is my conscious mind.

It is not only weight loss that I have seen major shifts within my life and the lives of my clients since accessing the magical powers of the Subconscious Mind…it has helped me and my hypnosis clients with all of the following:

  • Manifesting money

  • Getting clear on life purpose

  • Feeling More Confidence

  • Being more open to love

  • Resolving inner battles

  • Easing emotional pain from childhood trauma

  • Reducing physical discomfort

  • Attracting a new home

  • Attracting a new job

  • Manifesting a new car

All of these things and more can be yours as soon as you first release any old patterns that are lurking in your subconscious mind and replace them with the belief that you do deserve all of these beautiful things to come your way!

I have created an online magical journey called Black Moon Manifestors for a small group of lucky people to receive the healing they need in order to open the doors to abundance, health, love, and opportunity.

My past journeys called Blue Moon Manifestors were very well received with people within the journeys manifesting the following:


  • New Jobs

  • New Loves

  • New Clients

  • A New Home

  • Feeling Personal Power Grow


I would love to see all of this and more for you!


Here are some reviews from Blue Moon Manifestors:


“I decided to join the Blue Moon Manifestation group because I was at a point in my life where I really needed to make a change and get serious about owning my power. Accountability is a HUGE motivator for me, so this group was key for my development. The weekly meetings were amazing and it was incredibly helpful to hear everyone’s thoughts, feelings, challenges, and progress. It helped me realize that I wasn’t alone on this journey and I was able to gain strength and inspiration for the others in the group. I highly suggest participating in anything that Kristin Dwan leads, but if you are super serious about manifesting something in your life, this is the one thing that I would suggest investing in!” ~Shauntel Jarreau

“My time with Blue Moon Manifestors was an experience I did not know I needed. It wasn’t until we dived into my Akashic Records was when I understood the whole program…my subconscious meeting the conscious elevated for me the whole year. Epiphany hit me left and right. I understood myself on a deeper level, tying in my natal chart reading I was navigated (little did I know). If you are feeling ready to find yourself on a deeper level or simply ready to discover the unknown, I recommend working with Kristin and the BLUE MOON MANIFESTORS.” ~Leslie Portillo

“Participating in the Blue Moon Manifestors was the best time & money I spent on myself in a long time. Kristin leads a focused plan of action to manifest whatever one wants in life. It was amazing. After the second session, I manifested 2 new job offers and 2 interviews. The exercises and reading clarified for me, what I needed to do to continue manifesting the great life I’m living! I encourage anyone who feels stuck, or that they aren’t living their fullest life’s purpose, to take this offering from Kristin. You won’t be disappointed.” ~Lucy Tate

“I have been part of 2 blue moon manifest sessions from Kristin. My intention on the first was to sell my house by a specific date for a specific amount, I came very close to that amount and also by the date! I tried to sell my home the year prior and failed. I contribute so much to Kristin and her manifestation sessions on my house sale. The second session I signed up for was to up my small biz income and I’ve been definitely making more income since. I am so grateful to Kristin and her blue moon manifest groups. It was great to be a part of such wonderful people, in my experience all women, coming together to help each other manifest a specific goal.” ~Dominique Lee

The Blue Moon Manifestor Journey is a full month of Magic we will experience together anywhere in the world you are as we will meet once a week online, and you will receive one on one healing sessions with me as well.

As a Blue Moon Manifestor you will receive and learn:

A group Hypnotic Journey bringing in your intentions.

Weekly Group Reiki planting the seeds of your intentions.

Tarot pulls on the Full Moons and New Moon.
How to clear the energies within your home.
How to clear your own energy.
How to release cords and past pain using all 4 Elements.
How to ground and protect yourself.

How to connect to your Ancestors.
 Creating a Magical Sigil for your Intention.

How to clearly vision the future you desire.
A ritual is done together at the end of our 4 weeks together during the Blue Moon energies



…and much more…

As a Blue Moon Manifestor you will receive your choice of the following one-on-one online healing sessions:

* Akashic Past Like Reading to clear out any Karmic blockages that may be holding you back.

* Reiki session to cut energetic ties to anything in the past getting in the way of what you desire for your present and future.


* Tarot Reading to help guide you on steps to take in order to bring in what you desire and deserve.


* Emotional Cord Cutting using NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) to go back in time and release anything consciously holding you back…and you will be left with a tool that you can use to speak with your Subconscious Mind.


* Personalized Hypnotherapy session, which will be recorded, so you can listen to it, again and again, to help you bring in the magic to your life that you deserve!


Purchased separately, these sessions plus the month-long

moon magic training is worth $1,200, but I am offering this month-long journey to you for only $397…a fraction of the cost!

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I am keeping this online group small, so our meetings will be intimate, and the ritual that we do on the Blue Moon powerful because of our strong connection with each other.


Blue Moon Manifestors will meet online wherever we are in the world beginning on the first Full Moon of August on 8/1/23, then again on the New Moon and ending with a ritual we do together online on 8/31/23. All meetings will be recorded with video, so you can watch them whenever works for you.

The Next Blue Moon isn't until 2024...Don't wait to create the life you deserve...make magic NOW!

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