The More Specific My Intentions Get…the Quicker They Manifest

This past New Year’s Eve I got more specific and focused on my list that I threw into a bonfire than I ever have in my 39 years of life. My intention was to make my 40th year on this planet a gateway to the best times of my life yet.


These past few months have been a game changer for me…in a very peaceful and strong way, instead of growth through drama and pain.

Not sure what switched in me…but something definitely did, and I am doing things for myself that are good for me, like no sugar and no alcohol for over a month now (minus one celebratory glass of wine at a ritual), major focus on writing my book, traveling multiple times a month, building my Healing Woods North practice in Humboldt County, Healing Woods South in Altadena booming with Reiki classes just as I intentioned and this past weekend was the birth of something completely new, made of stardust, Divine Timing, Love and the fulfillment of many of my dreams called The Love Magic Retreat Tour.

One of my closest soul sisters who is a dynamic amazing Love Coach and I were talking by a fire (good things always happen around fire for me) in my living room earlier this winter, and she was telling me of her idea of creating Love Magic Retreats using her coaching and tarot and inviting a hypnotherapist to work with the women as well. I immediately without thinking said, “I want to do Reiki and a Ritual for them, since it is called Love MAGIC Retreat.”

With how busy I am these days, I am not usually one to add on more without really weighing out my ability to give time to it…but there are some times in life where The Universe takes control of your voice, and things fly out of your mouth and heart before the brain has a chance to talk you out of it.

We visioned about what it would look like for me to be part of it, and it was official…the Trifecta of Love was born between a Love Coach, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master.


My Altar set up for The Love Magic Retreat in Summerland, Ca

For the past few months the wonderful Hypnotherapist and I have been trading services to bond and receive each others’ healing…between this trade, the acupuncture trade I have going weekly, Cupping and massage every other week, long term homeopathy continuing and my eating extremely clean and drinking over a gallon of water a day…I feel better a week shy of 40 than I did in my 20’s.

For 2015, my vision included adding singing and music back into my life, traveling to not only Humboldt…but other cities up and down the coast to do Reiki and Ritual at events, teach more Reiki classes, finish writing “Burned Alive – The Story of a Baptism By Flame” and lose 100 more pounds.

As of the first month of 2015, I have already realized a few of these and the others are well underway:

I have found the perfect musical group for me.

I told The Universe I wanted to sing and have more music in my life…I finally missed it again, after a 2 year break from 12 years of being the booker, promoter, networker and lead singer of a band. (A Full Time job)

I gave The Universe some VERY specific guidelines:

1) The people in the band must be heart centered and spiritual.

2) I want to sing in Sanskrit and chant while playing my hand percussion instruments.

3) I do not want to be the only one doing booking/promoting/networking, etc.

4) Someone in the band has connections to the Music Industry/Music Scene already, so I can just show up and enjoy the art of singing. (Of course I will help book and promote whatever we do, as it is in my bones, soul and blood to share everything I feel passion for…but not having the pressure of being the only one will be nice…and well deserved after 12 years of doing it alone)

5) The music, although spiritual…needs to have an edge. Tribal/Primal type Kirtan influenced stuff…no fluffy bunnies and angel stuff. My voice will not sing to that.

6) I don’t want to have to search it out and go on endless try outs and awkward auditions…this band/group will find me.

7) To never have to play dark clubs again…no more underground clubs in shitty dive bars…instead…outdoor art festivals, yoga events/Baktifest, Joshua Tree Music Fest, Lightning in a Bottle type places.

Could I have been any more specific? Not really. Did I find exactly what I wanted? I found that AND MORE!


I was reading tarot at an event that I have never read at before, and through that event, I met a guy who was there doing a sound bath/drum circle…doing my readings to the beautiful sounds he was creating was wonderful, and I reached out to friend him on Facebook. He then invited me to a Sufi gathering he was having at his house which included a beautiful talk about Sufism, meditation, a delicious vegetarian dinner and a whole room of strangers jamming.

I went to my garage and literally dusted off my bag of hand percussion instruments which hadn’t seen the light of day since my old band’s last show, and arrived to this gathering not knowing at all what I would find…but excited to find it and grateful to be lead there by The Universe.

When we started playing…it came together SO quickly…horn, world instruments, guitars, I passed out my percussion instruments to those who didn’t have an instrument, and we were singing in SANSKRIT!!! After about 2 minutes of singing the melody with everyone else…my soul erupted and started singing like it hadn’t for 2 years. My heart exploded with love and the music being created, and it fell out of my mouth without any thought to what my voice was doing…I let it fly