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Pushing The Reset Button

There’s something about the New Year that feels like a complete and utter reset button for life, energy, interactions and ideas.

This holiday season I was laying low. I went to a few gatherings here and there, but not nearly as many as previous years….and that felt amazing…and freeing.

I rang in the New Year within silent meditation…and that intention has followed into Jan, and will continue until I feel complete within the reset.

I enjoy more these days, a nice one on one conversation at my home, within nature or somewhere else quiet over a party of people trying to talk over each other and the music, while the intoxication of the holidays and the flowing spirits raise volume levels to a frenzy.

Perhaps I am showing my age. Perhaps I have been the loud one for too long through my youth and beyond. Perhaps I have had too many decades of loud music, clubs and trying to nurture connections with people in toxic environments. Perhaps I am just OK with life, who I am and being alone and silent with her.

I am celebrating silence. Pure and simple.

  1. No music besides 3 days of non-stop Bowie after his death

  2. No TV

  3. No small talk

  4. Minimal computer/phone interaction, unless it is for business

This is not to say that I am holing myself up in my house like a hermit, and not seeing the light of day…that is definitely not true.

I have gone out to a couple Bowie Tributes, I am going to Agape and Self Realization Fellowship every other week and went to the desert with a group of amazing women for a Mastermind where we dug deep into our businesses and life to plan our 2016 out. I have even had some amazing one on one connections with people that rival any drunken night in a club full of people from my past.

Within this silence, I have accomplished the following:

  1. Completely rewriting and refreshing my website.

  2. Made new space in my home by getting rid of things that don’t bring me joy anymore.

  3. Rewrote all 3 Reiki Manuals.

  4. Wrote 3 chapters of Baptism By Flame.

  5. Got incredibly clear on what I want in life, as well as what it is going to take to get there.

  6. Released 15 pounds.

I used to think I had to be everywhere and please everyone in order to keep them in my life or to have success within my business.

Now The Universe has shown me that this is the beginning of a whole new way of life for me, and I am loving it.

This isn’t one of those New Year’s Resolutions where I have to keep myself on track, and try really hard to change a bad habit or force myself to not do something. It just is….

This is different, because I am different.

Flowing with the waves of The Universe and FEELING my decisions instead of thinking them has been one of the best things I have ever learned to do. Soul deep wisdom that came from much trial and error.

My head lead me through many torturous journeys before the clear and loving path of my heart was found.

I finally got it right.

My birthday next month will be spent within silence at a 3 day retreat at Lake Shrine.

I can’t even explain to you how powerful silence is and what a reset it is. I haven’t really been able to experience this ever, and I feel that it has come to teach me through silence, just how much I have to say within my writing.

No longer am I on stage belting out songs…or in the Ad Industry hell selling/buying…or even in the wellness centers and spiritual events marketing and promoting.

This year will be the year that the book is birthed…oh how loud the scream of silence will be once it takes its first breath…

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