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Are you a Reiki Master or other holistic professional struggling with where to start when it comes to building your business? Do you feel blocked when it comes to receiving money for the healing you provide others? I am here to help you. When we graduate from healer training, they hand us a certificate, and wish us luck on our journey with our guides. Spirit Guides are very important in life…but they will not build your business for you.

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Are you ready to begin or continue your journey on the Reiki path as a student to empower yourself with deeper levels of Universal Light Energy? Does learning at your speed, in a private class where you can ask all of the questions you can think of and having 100% of your Reiki Master’s attention focused on you sound like a good way to learn? Learn about the different levels of Reiki that I teach privately here at The Healing Woods!

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Are you ready to release blockages to the peace, abundance, love and vitality you deserve in life? Does going into a nurturing womb of healing to receive love, Reiki and clear answers to your burning questions sound like something you could use right now? Venture down the path this way to find out more about the magic we can create together by you visiting The Healing Woods in person!

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Ready to receive Reiki and answers to the questions that keep you up at night? How great would it be to not have to leave your house in order to receive healing? I am able to send Reiki as far as across oceans, be present to your needs and connect with your energy and questions over the phone, FaceTime or Skype. Please venture here if you are looking to make some magic with me virtually!

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I put a nurturing fire under people’s healing process and spiritual transformation as a Reiki Master Coach.

Having a near death experience 17 years ago being burned alive in a house fire and suffering 3rd degree burns over 30% of my body brought Reiki into my life, and my purpose in life is to bring its transformative energy into yours.

Since then I have never looked back, adding in Holy Fire Reiki, Fire Cupping and hosting Bullshit Bonfires up and down the Coast, which hold sacred space for people to burn away the bullshit in their life that holds them back from all the beauty in life they deserve.

Fire changed my life for the better...harnessing its transformative power, I guide you on how to change your life for your soul’s greatest good.

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Elisabeth“Working with Kristin is a blessing and loads of fun. I am lucky to do Reiki and Tarot readings with her via Skype. Gotta love technology! Our sessions are informative, healing and usually filled with laughter. Looking forward to my next session.”

Elisabeth Rossman Gardnerville, NV


LisbethKristin is amazing. She’s down to earth. She is super cool. Her readings are always spot on, and she’s just really easy to talk to. Her treatments always leave me feeling centered, refreshed, and peaceful. 

Even though I am a Tarot reader and Reiki practitioner myself, I still often go see Kristin. I hope to see her forever for all my Reiki healing needs. Also, I can’t say enough about her warnings and advice when reading Tarot for me. They have really done me well when I’ve been in tough situations where important decisions needed to be made. I highly recommend Kristin!”

Lisbeth Phelps Portland, OR


ArisaI have been working with Kristin for several years–not just for insightful and accurate tarot readings but also for Reiki, which always leave me feeling absolutely amazing, balanced and restored. I have also taken Reiki I with her and she is also an excellent and knowledgeable teacher that lets you learn at your own pace and is also available to her students to answer any questions you many have later on. She’s highly intuitive, warm, compassionate, down to earth and has a good sense of humor. I recommend her to anyone who is either looking for accurate tarot readings, healing sessions or to learn Reiki themselves with someone who is genuine and really enjoys helping others.”

Arisa Fields Fullerton, CA


WhendeMy recent online tarot reading with Kristin was the best readings I’ve ever had! Her intuition is phenomenal, her insight is spot on & her ability to clarify situations in order to make progress in my life path is outstanding!

I cannot recommend Kristin enough! FaceTime or Skype- she can give readings from wherever – what a BLESSING!
If you are reading this… You should book an appointment now!”

Whende B. McKinleyville, CA