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2014 Gratitude List

  1. Two successful years of running my own business full time, and making a living doing what I feel a huge passion for.

  2. Starting a new off-shoot business called The Reiki Doula, and being a part of 6 beautiful births this year alone.

  3. Finding my tribe within an awesome group of ladies in The Women’s Business Momentum Center.

  4. Saying no, when I should have…and saying yes, even when it scared me.

  5. Finding a beautiful Northern Tribe within Humboldt County, and getting to know each of them in a very beautiful and profound way.

  6. Spending more days within the Ancient womb of Nature Redwood Forests this past year than I probably have in the last decade, all added up together.

  7. Feeling a deeper sense of peace within my time alone, and hearing a deeper sense of wisdom during it.

  8. Meeting the old wise Crones that I have in life, and learning from their sagely wisdom.

  9. Meeting the brand new babies taking their first breaths of life that I help into the world, and feeling their newness, excitement and total appreciation of everything in the world.

  10. New neighbors moving in around me, bringing new energy and opportunity to the land I live on.

  11. Stealing kisses here and there…but not letting the men who I stole them from steal any of my time, energy and focus.

  12. Getting clearer than ever on what I want and deserve within my partner in love, and having the patience and strength to say no to that which only distracts me from what I deserve.

  13. The beautiful wisdom of knowing the difference between what I desire and what I deserve.

  14. Releasing the past, and having him show up again, only to teach me again, why I released him. Closure is a beautiful and powerful thing.

  15. A new deepness within my relationship with my mom found as we explored like kids within the Redwoods.

  16. Getting introduced to people in the Western Medicine Industry who are open to learning about how Reiki can help their practices.

  17. My beautiful little house that is home to my beautiful little healing practice which is surrounded by my beautiful little courtyard community within my beautiful little mountainside town.

  18. The strengthening of ties with ancient friends laced with the beginnings of new friendships.

  19. Finding the right teachers to teach me what I need to know to deepen my skills and further my practice.

  20. The right students seeking me out, and learning Reiki from me, so they at some point can spread the wisdom further and further for ages to come.

  21. Never forgetting that I am always a student of the Universe, and the main part of the lesson is knowing that I have no control over what comes next…only a vision and intention of what will happen…never control over how or when or even who.

  22. Finding the right writing class to kick my ass into actually writing the book.

  23. Every morning that I get to wake up, stretch, play with my kitties and do meditations and prayers instead of the 15 years of bolting into the shower and into traffic for an hour and a half commute into the bowels of hell for 40+ hours a week.

  24. Being the owner of my time, and making the absolute most of every day.

  25. Spirituality, and how it has been a never ending/ever changing guide to me through the fires of hell as well as through the music of angels.

  26. My ancestors and all of the help and wisdom they have given me throughout the years.

  27. My living family and the way that most of them have supported who I am, even if they didn’t truly understand why I made some of the decisions I made. e.g.: (“So…you’re really not going to look for another job after being let go?”) The trust born of time has proven my path to most of them.

  28. My clients…the ones I see every few weeks, monthly, through their pregnancies, once every few months and even the ones I see only once to get them through a dark night of the soul. I am grateful for every last one of them.

  29. My strength and being able to push through any fears, insecurities or pain I feel.

  30. My vulnerability and being able to ask for help (and receive it) for things I cannot do on my own. (mainly computer techie stuff)

  31. That being said…I am grateful that I have overcome some blockages I have had in that area, and thanks to the help of amazingly patient people, I can now completely revamp my website, add and change pages, create new content, add photos AND even do some HTML!

  32. My kitties, and the unconditional love and healing they give me. Kitty purrs are the best medicine.

  33. The fact that I have beautiful mountains in my back yard to hike and lose myself in.

  34. Being a part of a beautiful documentary on Doulas, and having video on my website now because of it.

  35. Filming continuing for The Healing Woods in 2015, so I can have some video on that site as well.

  36. Finding a new tribe of people that host huge events with DJ’s, Bands, Fire Dancers, Meditation, Ritual, Healers and all sorts of other amazing stuff. Not only did I find what I told myself I wanted to find (a place where I could dance, be free, meet like minded people…but not have it be confined to a goth club or other club that is alcohol based) I am not just going to their events…but am also doing Reiki at their events. So incredibly grateful for this double manifestation!

  37. Besides my own businesses, I am very thankful to have other roads to money always open to me via Cauldron Kitty, Hound Hikers and The Salt Studio…all beautiful businesses that are completely heart centered.

  38. The possibility of a huge addition to these wonderful places…one which I can do in the comfort of my own home or even out on the road on my trips. Multiple wonderful recent interviews here give me a good idea that they will be on my 2015 gratitude list as a great source of income for me.

  39. I will stop at 39, because that is the age I am currently at, and I am staring down the barrel of 40 in a couple months. I enjoyed the HELL out of my 30’s, and can only imagine that my 40’s will be even better!

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