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Your path to healing starts here and you don’t have to walk it alone.

Every day you get to choose the direction of your life and what you will bring along with you.

Carrying grief, depression, loneliness, rage, anger, and addictions will weigh you down. Feeling hopelessness, sleeplessness, and darkness slows you down.

Dealing with stress, headaches, and physical pain can stop you in your tracks.

I want to meet you at the intersection of any of these old emotions that are making you feel stuck.

I’ve been right where you’re at and I want to support you in getting to the root of what’s blocking you from moving forward, so you can heal what is holding you back in life.


As a Reiki Master who reads Tarot cards, I’m fully grounded, present and ready to connect with you on a real level. I use Universal Light Energy and intention to heal the roots of your problems, so you will feel inspired to move forward.

Reiki and Tarot are not tied to any religious belief system, so their healing powers are limitless. My intention is for you to walk away from our session feeling physically and emotionally lighter, inspired, blissful, fearless, and glowing with radiance.

If Reiki fills the shadows on your path with light then Tarot serves as the guideposts to help you decide which direction you should take next.

With tarot you will get answers to the questions that keep you up at night and clear out any fear around big life decisions.

Common questions that are answered include:

  • What will help me get pregnant?
  • How can I heal my heartache?
  • What’s the best way to ease my stress?
  • What do I need to know about finding a new home?
  • Am I on the right spiritual path?
  • When’s a good time for me to make a career change?

Feeling resolved on the big questions in your life and using energy work to heal the root of your problems means you can finally feel peace in your body, mind, and soul. Having you walk away with these renewed feeling of peace is my tiny part in helping to build positive planetary change. Together we will spread more love and light to everyone around us.

Virtual Tarot Readings at The Healing Woods
Virtual Tarot Readings at The Healing Woods

So, what does it look like when we create healing magic together?

Digging Deep: We’ll meet using Skype. Come with a question based on something that’s been blocking or weighing you down from taking action.

Clearing Your Roots: I will pull cards from a number of decks and tap into my intuition to give you guidance and clarity. Then we will heal the root of your problem using distance Reiki. Reiki can be sent to wherever you’re at, it doesn’t matter if you’re in another city or across oceans.

Making Room For New Growth: Along with getting immediate healing, you will get direction and clarity on how to feel lighter as you move forward and use our time together as an energetic tool to accomplish your goals.

Here are some ways we can make healing magic together:

Light Up Your Spirit

Reiki + Tarot | 1 Hour $175



Your Reiki Refuge

Reiki + Tarot | 1.5 Hours $225



Your Full Month of Growth

Reiki + Tarot | 3 Hours Within One Month $425 Mix + Match Your Time



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I only accept up to 5 healing sessions per day and I can’t wait to meet you online or by phone.



WhendeMy recent online tarot reading with Kristin was the best readings I’ve ever had! Her intuition is phenomenal, her insight is spot on & her ability to clarify situations in order to make progress in my life path is outstanding!

I cannot recommend Kristin enough! FaceTime or Skype- she can give readings from wherever – what a BLESSING!
If you are reading this… You should book an appointment now!”

Whende B. McKinleyville, CA



“From fire cupping massage to virtual tarot readings that really grounded & gave me direction, Kristin/Abhayada is a blessing! Intuitive, insightful & hilarious, she provides such an excellent space for healing and moving forward. My tarot readings with her have been informative, grounding and inspiring. Fire cupping sessions with Kristin/Abhayada have been out of this world! Such a wonderful person and practitioner, I love our sessions & look forward to many more in the future! Words cannot express how fantastic this woman is at what she does!”



Elisabeth“Working with Kristin is a blessing and loads of fun. I am lucky to do Reiki and Tarot readings with her via Skype. Gotta love technology! Our sessions are informative, healing and usually filled with laughter. Looking forward to my next session.”

Elisabeth Rossman Gardnerville, NV



“I’ve had many kinds of alternative healing in the past, including Reiki. Some were good, some just OK.
I can honestly say, this woman was BORN TO BE A HEALER. She is like a Duracell battery! You can feel the energy generating from her, like no other Reiki master I’ve ever worked with! 
She’s also is incredibly psychic, and often relays meaningful messages, that make total sense, just to me. Always what is relevant at the moment in my process. 
Whether you’re experiencing emotional or physical pain, do yourself a favor and go see her!”



Lisbeth Kristin is amazing. She’s down to earth. She is super cool. Her readings are always spot on, and she’s just really easy to talk to. Her treatments always leave me feeling centered, refreshed, and peaceful.
Most importantly, when I first starting going to her for weekly Reiki sessions, I had been suffering from a yearlong depression after my grandmother’s passing and stuff going on at home. I tried going to counseling, later couples counseling, and nothing was helping. Once I started to deal with things on an energetic level with Kristin, I went through the most intense spiritual awakening of my life and suddenly my anxiety and depression seemed to fade away. I’ve been free from depression ever since. Not only did her healing help me to get back to my normal self, but her teachings also helped me to learn how to heal myself, not just emotionally but physically. I use the skills that she taught me to deal with extreme cramps, headaches, and other physical pain that ranges from mild to extreme.

Even though I am a Tarot reader and Reiki practitioner myself, I still often go see Kristin. I hope to see her forever for all my Reiki healing needs. Also, I can’t say enough about her warnings and advice when reading Tarot for me. They have really done me well when I’ve been in tough situations where important decisions needed to be made. I highly recommend Kristin!”

Lisbeth Phelps Portland, OR



“Had the pleasure of receiving a Tarot reading from Kristin/Abhayada. Her intuitive abilities and knowledge of the cards allowed for her to offer insight and guidance on the areas of my life that needed attention and gave me the perspective to be my best self.”



ArisaI have been working with Kristin for several years–not just for insightful and accurate tarot readings but also for Reiki, which always leave me feeling absolutely amazing, balanced and restored. I have also taken Reiki I with her and she is also an excellent and knowledgeable teacher that lets you learn at your own pace and is also available to her students to answer any questions you many have later on. She’s highly intuitive, warm, compassionate, down to earth and has a good sense of humor. I recommend her to anyone who is either looking for accurate tarot readings, healing sessions or to learn Reiki themselves with someone who is genuine and really enjoys helping others.”

Arisa Fields Fullerton, CA


Guarantees and The Finer Details

There are no refunds or guarantees for healing sessions. The best guarantee is showing up and being willing to do the work. I trust in the results that I have achieved with my clients, and in the results we can achieve together. If you’re fully committed to healing then I can’t wait to help you to bring peace to your mind, body, and soul.

Why I Created This Offering:

28 years ago I picked up my first tarot deck, and I haven’t been able to put it down since. My journey on the healing path began early in life, when I was burned in a house fire with third degree burns over 30% of my body.
Energy work helped me heal in half the time the doctors thought was possible. In the 17 years since the fire, I have witnessed many energy work miracles on myself and my clients. As a Reiki Master with 20 years experience in energy work, after the fire I was attuned to the Usui’s System of Natural Healing as well as Usui’s Holy Fire Reiki.
I created The Healing Woods in Altadena, California with a second location being developed in Humboldt, California where I support people in healing and peace from their first breath to their last using Reiki, Tarot readings, Doula and Hospice work.
My calling in life is to introduce the world to Reiki while guiding people through the fast-paced energetic shifts taking place all around them. I offer peace and grounding in an ever-changing world.