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Taking Stock of 2015

For decades I have had a ritual of listing out all the things that happened of importance for the year prior.

This year…I feel a new energy within and around me, and have decided to look at this past year in 3 parts:

What I have Lost in 2015

What I have Received in 2015

What I am walking Towards in 2016


As humans, we tend to focus on how the year was as a whole and tell the story of it over and over again, only looking at these things that transpired as single losses or gains, and not seeing the big picture and how interconnected they all are.

When I lose something or someone…I look at what was given to me to take its place.

When something doesn’t go exactly as I planned…I see how it did happen within Divine Timing and Design, and celebrate how much better it ended up being.

When someone hurts me…I honor the lesson they taught me on who and what I will no longer allow within my life, and gain clarity on what it was within me that attracted them in the first place, and change that.

All of this being said…here is my taking stock for 2015:

What I have Lost in 2015:

  1. The need to be available 24/7 for anyone who needs me.

  2. The need to be everything for everyone.

  3. Planning when the book will be finished…it is writing itself through me within its own Divine Timing.

  4. My will to control myself out of Divine Flow.

  5. All credit card debt….EVER!!!

  6. My fear of being seen.

  7. My fear of allowing my shadow self to be seen and heard.

  8. My fear of flying in an airplane.

  9. Many forms of doubt around my business.

  10. Some friends/acquaintances from my past…and the need to feel obligated to make time for those who no longer fit in my life. It is OK to move on.

  11. My need to make decisions based on what I have been taught…I feel my decisions completely now in my heart and what it is currently learning.

  12. 12 full trash bags filled with things I do not use or need anymore.

  13. A lot of my anger towards the past.

  14. A lot of my fear of the future.

  15. A lot of my doubt within the present.

What I have Received in 2015:

  1. A deep love and honor of the word, “No”

  2. Allowing myself regularly scheduled weekly time off for the first time in 4 years. 2 days back to back, even!!!

  3. Adventure and exploration in Seattle, Alaska and Canada.

  4. The freedom to take the longest trip I have ever tasked in my life…a month and a half all at once!

  5. A new understanding of the never ending depth of how patient I can be.

  6. Help and inspiration around my new path in business.

  7. Clarity on who I am in the world, and what it is time for me to share.

  8. Beautiful clients and opportunities to change the world one person at a time.

  9. Amazing sunsets in the Forest, Ocean and Desert which all taught my soul different lessons.

  10. More clarity on who I desire and deserve within a Love.

  11. SO MANY messages from The Universe that I am in flow with Divine Guidance, and should continue flowing wherever this River of Wisdom leads.

  12. So many angels coming to help me right at the perfect time in order to allow me to flow further down the river.

  13. Permission to thrive, even if it scares or upsets certain people around me.

  14. More wisdom from Nature than I can even express.

  15. A deeper level of love for me…along with a deeper level of seeing what I need to change in order to fall even more deeply in love with me.

What I am walking Towards in 2016:

  1. Standing more firmly and shining the light more brightly within my work as a Reiki Master Coach.

  2. Writing weekly blog posts.

  3. Writing more guest posts and articles.

  4. Being seen online more within interviews and articles.

  5. Music…in whatever form it wants to come back into my life as.

  6. Practicing my guitar and writing more songs with it

  7. Writing Baptism By Flame

  8. Travel to Hawaii

  9. Travel to Seattle

  10. Travel to Humboldt

  11. Travel to Ireland

  12. Transformation on a physical level, now that the emotional part has happened.

  13. Building up savings and retirement.

  14. Karuna Reiki training

  15. Conscious Business Coaching

  16. Volunteering Reiki in Hospitals

  17. Increasing my Tithing to the Forests and Ocean

It is with love and gratitude that I release 2015…it was an emotionally rough year at times…but also a year filled with clarity, strength and adventure.

It is with excitement and determination that I open the doors of my heart to 2016…I have a lot of work to do…I’m definitely up for the challenge…and so ready.

Tomorrow I will spend the first day of the year doing things that I want to fill 2016 with. I am heading for a morning hike to hug some trees and to do some writing within Nature, working on my website and then spending the evening with some of my oldest and most adored friends.

One can never hug enough friends…or trees for that matter.

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