Super Moon Eclipse Download

I just arrived home from over a week of travel via ship from Seattle to different cities in Alaska to Canada and then back to Seattle.

The Westerdam, my home for the past week

The Westerdam, my home for the past week…the city we are ported in here is Sitka, Alaska

This was also the first time I have flown in an airplane for over a decade…I have a huge fear of flying…but this trip ripped that fear apart, and I have the travel bug big time!

Taking off in the airplane from Seattle to LAX

Taking off in the airplane from Seattle to LAX

My inner gypsy world traveler has been awoken BIG TIME, and I cannot wait to get more travel plans on the books for all over the World.

I even did some unintentional networking while on the cruise by meeting 3 different women in the spa Hydro Pool 3 different days, who randomly started telling me their life stories and all the pain within them.

This happens a lot to me, it goes along with the territory of being who I am and doing what I do. After they asked me what I did for a living, they asked for a card, and said they will be booking virtual sessions with me while I am in Humboldt.

Ah Humboldt…

Reiki Pasadena Altadena Holistic House Blessing

My sacred tree in Humboldt, who I have been visiting and offering to for over 20 years.

I leave in 3 days for another 3 weeks…escaping the 90 degree weather of SoCal for the fog, moss and 60 degree weather of HumCo.

Needless to say, today has been all about running around doing laundry, unpacking and packing again for the next trip, making sure kitties have enough supplies, making copies of gorilla marketing flyers to post up in Humboldt and making copies of Reiki classes to take over there to teach.

Gorilla Marketing for Humboldt for Healing Woods North

Gorilla Marketing for Humboldt for Healing Woods North

I had 3 beautiful invites to private circles for this auspicious Super Moon Eclipse, and I wanted to be at all 3 of them…but time was not allowing it, and I just flowed with what happened easily, and ended up alone for the Moon’s eclipse dance in our velvety black sky stage.

I took out some crystals, candles and incense, and sat watching as She turned completely crimson, like a glowing circular ember within the darkness.

It was then that my automatic writing took over.

See, I was all ready to write down intentions just like I do during all the New and Full Moons…but something took over, and I realized that in that moment, I was experiencing the energies of ALL of the phases of the moon within a couple hours, and that this was the time to do a full reset button on my life, and work with each phase as it showed itself to me from where I was seated at my outside table.

In working with the different phases of the moon, there are different energies that can help you either release, bring new or bring things full power into your life. Tonight…we had all the main phases of the moon working with us, AND it is a Super Moon, so the moon is the closest to the Earth as it will be within its cycle.

Basically tonight is a mega manifesting opportunity, and I allowed myself to flow into receiving what I was supposed to do instead of trying to direct myself out to one of the lovely gatherings happening in my sisterhood world.

Don’t be disappointed that you missed out if you were not able to meditate and write under the eclipse tonight. We are still dealing with the powerful eclipse energy for the next few days, so just because the eclipse is not visible to you right now, does not mean that your work will not matter.

The Universe is always listening…now is the time to be direct and clear with what we are walking away from, where we stand now and what we are heading towards.

I want to share with you what I did (or rather…what came through me to do) by light of candles and the Super Moon tonight in hopes that you will find clarity and inspiration from it as I did.

Dark Moon Intentions

While the Moon was completely eclipsed…this was like a Dark Moon.

The Dark Moon is a time to look at what need to be released, what Karma you want out of your way and deeply hidden emotional wounds that need to be dug out of the cave of your soul and let go.

The Dark Moon is the evening before the New Moon. It is when there is no moon visible in our night sky. Quiet and meditation are always good on Dark Moons. Digging through the cave of your soul is not always a scary thing. Yes, there are skeletons and demons within the cave, but once you get through those, you are free to find the buried treasure as well.

Here is my really bad cell phone photo of the Moon as she was completely eclipsed: