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Relationship Wish List

My soul sister who is a sex and relationship coach, Natalie Vartanian ( sent me an exercise to do around love and what I want to bring to me in that arena, and I had so much fun doing it…I wanted to share it with you.

I have some wonderful new energies and men coming into my life around love, and I have new ideas and thoughts on love and what it means to be in a relationship.

A lot of us have made lists of who we want to bring into our lives as a partner…but what about who YOU are in that relationship…and more importantly…what that relationship looks like?

Here is my (slightly censored…but not much) list…spreading out my wings and getting my intentions out there:

My Love Wish List:

Dear Universe,

Here is my wish list for Love, and I am 100% ready for this, so BRING.IT.ON.

My Ideal Me:

I feel supported financially and emotionally when needed by my man. I am sexy, saucy, independent, healing, open, nurturing, honest, fearless, excited, passionate and vulnerable with him. I am open to learning all he has to teach me, and he has a lot of things to teach me, new places to show me and new things to bring into my life that I never knew existed.

I am busy with publishing my book, Healing Woods clients, traveling, losing weight, growing my thriving business, teaching classes, speaking at conferences etc…but always make time for my relationship. I feel content with him, and he allows me to trust and feel secure within our relationship because he is open, honest and continually lets me know how amazing I am and how amazing we are together.

I feel safe experimenting sexually with him, feel desired and sexier than I ever have with another man. I feel spiritually, emotionally and physically connected to him. I feel safe sharing anything with him…good or bad…or even silly.

I am not jealous or clingy, and he does not do or say things to trigger jealousy in me…there is complete trust between us.

My Ideal Partner:

He is very financially secure and able to add me onto his medical benefits. He is a hard worker, and has goals for the future, but not a complete workaholic. He knows how to let loose, and go on adventures with me and forget all about work.

He likes to enjoy wine and letting loose once in a while…but no speed, heroin or any other everyday drug abuse or alcoholism.

He takes care of himself and is very healthy, and supports me in my healthy habits with vegetarian lifestyle and juicing. He loves to hike and be outdoors. He loves to meditate and is a healer. We have (at least) weekly massage/energy work trades.

He is excited about love, over any past heart break or woman he fancied, and is ready, willing and able to be in a monogamous growing relationship that leads to marriage one day.

He allows me to have my me time, and is not jealous or possessive. He trusts me and feels secure that I am ok out there on my own when I need to be or with friends. He does not have kids, and we can figure out as a couple if kids are something we want to add into the equation later in life, even if it means adoption, as right now I am not feeling kids.

He is also trustworthy, and does not need to cheat to feel more like a man. I am all the woman he needs in many different ways. I break the mold and set the bar for him when it comes to women. He sees me as his goddess, and he is my god.

He is able to help build things, fix things, help me with computer work, COOK really well (in bed and in the kitchen), he has a large house with at least 3 bedrooms with a huge yard for a garden that he asks me to move into. If he does not already have this dream house, we look for something with 3 bedrooms. One for The Healing Woods, one for us and one for his office/man cave.

He loves public displays of affection, and constantly caresses me, has his arm around me and kisses me when we are together. He lives within 20 minute’s driving distance from me…or if he does not at this time…he moves within 20 minute’s driving distance from me.

He is romantic, and does things for me “just because”…flowers, gifts, romantic dinners, weekend getaways…and I do the same for him.

He does not watch sports, in fact he does not feel the need to watch TV at all.

He is creative and we spend time creating together…either music, art or writing. He is on his way to me RIGHT NOW.

My Ideal Relationship:

It starts out slow, but builds effortlessly.

He lets me know immediately that he is interested in me, and wants to date me. No questions of “Are we just sexual friends?”…”What are his intentions?”. He tells me right when he meets me and asks me out on a real date. He pays…he has plenty of money with which to pay my way for things whenever I need the financial support if I have a slow month, and I will help him financially as well if/when he needs it, as we will be in a partnership relationship

He tells me he loves me first…and really means it, and can back it up with being in a monogamous relationship with me.

We laugh often, and can’t get enough of each other, yet take our alone time too when needed. If either of us ever has any doubts or fears within the relationship, we talk about it immediately and do not let anything build up.

We go on adventures, keep things exciting in bed, try new things and support each other in all that we are accomplishing in life. We are eachothers’ biggest fans.

We heal each other emotionally and physically, and together we bust down blockages, walls and demons that come up for ourselves within the relationship.

Loving each other is effortless and builds each day. We are more and more in love as the days go by, and change and grow as a couple as needed.

Bring it on, Universe!!!

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