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Cooking for The Chakras!

I'm beginning the year off right by making Reiki Chakra Stir Fry!

I take a vegetable for each color of the chakras, Reiki with intention on each vegetable and share with a beautiful friend.

I have been a bit silent the past couple weeks because I got very ill with the RSV Flu and am just now beginning to feel human again.

I truly have a new empathy for people who go to the ER and even lose their lives because of a flu. It has been YEARS since I have gotten sick and usually I can kick things out in a couple days, but this one took me down...hard.

Even through the dizziness, just under 104 fever and feeling like I got run over a few times by a train, I did my daily Chakra practices, Reiki'd myself, cooked for whatever Chakra was calling out for help and kept myself out of the ER though this.

So many people have been asking me for my recipes and telling me I should write a cookbook and while I don't have time to take on writing another book right now, I will be sharing my Chakra Cooking Recipes in my 7 Week Chakra Journey starting 1/11!

This class will be done mostly online and you can read through and go through the exercises in your own time...there will be 2 days we meet live on Zoom.

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