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In 2013 I…

1) Started and ended the year with a karmic love break up.

2) Finally had the breakthrough that I don’t have to write the huge novel, “From Goth To God” just yet…I only need to begin writing my memoir, “Baptism By Flame”…choosing to climb the foothills before tackling the mountain feels right.

3) Started leading and writing Full Moon/New Moon rituals for the public to share the beautiful knowledge of working with the energy of the moon to people who may not be in the know about it. If they are…it  also allows those who might not take the time to do it on their own a place and time to honor the phases.

4) Started leading Reiki Shares and Reiki Circles to spread the knowledge of what Reiki is and how it feels to people who may not want to commit to a full session without knowing what they are getting into.

5) Finished writing my Reiki 3/Master teacher Level class.

6) Finally added Redwoods to my Nature Totem tattoo that grows as my adventures and lessons within Nature grow.

7) Had an artists sketch me for real as I sat for him…not just a someone at a club or bar doing it randomly.

8) Went to Catalina for the first time since I was a kid, and found it to be a wonderful place to disconnect and write. Added it onto my growing list of places to write in.

9) Was booked to do a New Business Cleansing for The Salt Studio, which ended up in having it open up to be a beautiful place in which I can offer Reiki.

10) Had the breakthrough that Reiki is my main focus for The Healing Woods after trying out all the different things I thought I wanted to do as far as teaching classes and adding tons of modalities in.

11) Had the second breakthrough that doing Reiki on women who are wanting to get pregnant, have healthy pregnancies and being partnered with them throughout the whole process of giving birth is the focus within the focus for The Healing Woods.

12) Saw a woman who sought me out for Reiki to heal from a miscarriage, worked with her for a few months and then found out she was pregnant. Now I am seeing her once a week, and will be with her for the whole pregnancy as well as the birth.

13) Did research on Pregnancy Massage, Doula Training and dreaming up what the next step looks like for all of this.

14) I ripped all my grass out and planted a vegetable and herb garden.

15) Got completely and 100% out of credit card debt for the first time in my entire adult life. This is huge for me…I viewed this debt as being my last link to all the pain of the fire, medical bills, starting over in life and other painful and expensive lessons all of the debt was stemming from. It’s amazing how high you can fly REALLY away from something once the cords are cut to it.

16) Started a savings account…with actual dollars in it, and not just cents.

17) Finished my Wicca Training…after 25 years of being a witch, I decided it was time to get training from Elders, and am very happy to have done it. I learned so much about myself during it…especially The Elementals training.

18) After 25 years of being a practicing witch, I was finally officially initiated into Wicca.

19) After 9 years of going to retreats, meditating with and knowing Amma, I was given Sandalwood paste on my third eye after silently asking her during my hug if The Healing Woods was really how I was supposed to pay for my way in life. A huge “yes” and a blessing that was. Ever since…things have really started flowing. Sometimes it takes the blessing of a Living Saint to get the ball rolling away from your ego’s limitations.

20)  Dating 2 men at once for the first time in my life…really dated…not just light dinners and conversation. I’ve never done that…usually I have always only dated one guy at a time, and my awareness of all others disappears.

21) Left a band after 12 years in order to make room for growth within my work life and love life.

22) Started taking Homeopathy remedies and met an amazing Homeopath who has since turned into an even more amazing friend.

23) Spent more time than I ever have in The Bay Area doing research for my move out there. Spent weeks there, meeting with fellow healers, Wellness Centers, and just being there as if I lived there and not as a tourist. Realized the time is not right now to move…but the connections I have there will grow, and it will happen when the time is right.

24) Joined 2 business groups which have introduced me to not only networking opportunities…but actual people who I think of as friends, and want to be around for more than just business card exchanges.

25) For the first time ever I am paying my bills using money that comes to me only through my passions and not a  corporate job.

26) Started working at Cote d’Azur offering Fire Cupping and Moon Gatherings…wasn’t even looking for work when this came to me. The best things happen when we aren’t looking with our eyes, yet we are searching with our hearts.

27) Started working with The Tarot School for event bookings, and also was not looking for that…a soul sister opened the gates for that one to flood in.

28) Started helping out at Hound Hikers…adding pet sitting to the long list of offerings I have.

29) Finished and printed out my tri-fold which goes with me to all of the classes I teach, events I do and goes home with each new client I see.

30) Learned to use and embrace the word “no”

31) Said yes to what I deserve by saying no to what I had in many different facets of life.

32) Finished my whole 4 page “To Do” list for 2013 by November.

33) Honored the expiration date of some friendships in order to make room for the new.

34) Allowed the darkness in to uproot whatever is left of my fears. No matter how deep I need to go within…I have the flashlight of self love…as well as some very bright souls who are cheering me on from the sidelines.

35) Said no to stagnation within love in order to say yes to growth within me.

36) Said yes to pain in order to bring on the strength.

38) Dove into the muck in order to bring on real clarity.

39) Cut cords to my past in order to fly freely to my future.

40) Loved myself more than I hated my mistakes.

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