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I don't know where to begin with my praise of Kristin! I've been seeing her for years for Reiki sessions, which she is amazing at. She is the real deal. She is the lineage of Dr. Usui, founder of Reiki. 

Lately, I've been having Hypnotherapy sessions with her and they have been awesome. 

She even emails the audio sessions so you can listen to them as you fall asleep at night to help rewire your thoughts. I even got sessions for my boyfriend as a gift! 

Her Tarot readings are amazing too. I've even had Reiki 1, 2 and 3 Master level attunement and training with Kristin. 

I'm so grateful Kristin came into my life, I have gained so much knowledge, clarity, peace, and ability to channel the Universe's energy through Kristin.


⁠—Dominique Lee

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I have worked with Kristin many times and there is a reason I continue to go back time and time again! I have had incredibly detailed and accurate Tarot readings and healing Reiki sessions. She truly has a healing touch. 


I had the honor and pleasure of taking the journey of becoming a Reiki Master with Kristin.
She has such a way of making this modality easy to understand and to start utilizing almost immediately. She takes so much time and care while educating you. 
Not only are you learning, but you are being healed at the same time. 
She is truly gifted!


Kristin, as always, was loving and nurturing throughout the process. I had a major break/breakthrough during my attunement and she handled it with such grace and ease. 
I couldn't ask for a better teacher, guide, and mentor. 

I recently experienced my first Hypnotherapy session with her and WOW!! It was amazing! I honestly had no idea what to expect. I have never been under hypnosis, but I trust Kristin and knew I was in good hands. She was incredibly informative and spent time explaining how hypnotherapy can help us with changing negative thought patterns and beliefs. It is a fascinating process and has proven to be quite effective. 

I highly recommend working with Kristin! She is gifted and a true healer of body, soul, and mind!


⁠—Shauntel Jarreau

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My family members had recently experienced some trauma and I was having a hard time letting go of the anxiety from my experience. 

After my first Hypno Reiki session with Kristin, I slept through the night for the first time in 2 weeks. Now I feel at peace thanks to Kristin's powerful healing abilities.

She also helped me to elevate my confidence around new business decisions. Now I'm eager to move forward in all areas of my life my subconscious is no longer holding me back from reaching my full potential.


I was also recently attuned to Reiki Master Level 1 by the lovely Kristin. Her training was more than I expected and goes DEEP. She had snacks for us to enjoy during the training and it definitely helped to stay grounded, because the work we did made some major shifts. More than anything I've begun to unlock how powerful I truly am.  

Since my training, I feel more calm and connected to the people that mean the most to me. It's such a gift to be able to heal myself and align my energy any time I need it. If you're thinking about learning how to heal then Kristin will gently guide you through the process.


⁠—Sarah Sage

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I am so glad that I saw Kristin as one of my suggested friends on FB while living in OR last year. I immediately knew that she was the person I wanted to go to for Reiki once I moved back to Los Angeles. 

She is amazing. She's down to earth. She is super cool. Her readings are always spot on, and she's just really easy to talk to. Her treatments always leave me feeling centered, refreshed, and peaceful. I also really loved my Reiki classes with her, and I plan on going for Reiki Master soon. 

Most importantly, when I first starting going to her for weekly Reiki sessions, I had been suffering from a yearlong depression after my grandmother's passing and stuff going on at home. I tried going to counseling, later couples counseling, and nothing was helping. Once I started to deal with things on an energetic level with Kristin, I went through the most intense spiritual awakening of my life and suddenly my anxiety and depression seemed to fade away. I've been free from depression ever since. Not only did her healing help me to get back to my normal self, but her teachings also helped me to learn how to heal myself, not just emotionally but physically. I use the skills that she taught me to deal with extreme cramps, headaches, and other physical pain that ranges from mild to extreme.

Even though I am a Tarot reader and Reiki practitioner myself, I still often go see Kristin. I hope to see her forever for all my Reiki healing needs. Also, I can't say enough about her warnings and advice when reading Tarot for me. They have really done me well when I've been in tough situations where important decisions needed to be made. I highly recommend Kristin!


⁠—Lisbeth Phelps

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Kristin is a beautiful magical being full of love and compassion to help others.

I’ve had the privilege to have her as a business coach. She is definitely not your typical business coach!  I was looking for a coach who was not corporate-minded and I’m so grateful that I found the right person.  Within the one month that we worked together, she helped me discover my "why" create a business plan and helped me recognize my fears. Her direct and firm, but nurturing style helped me become more disciplined and helped me prioritize my tasks.

What I love about her is her ability to hold such a beautiful and loving space. Although we met to discuss business, I felt like I was in a healing session, where I can be vulnerable enough to discuss my self-limiting beliefs.  She was very professional and stayed focus on helping me create a business plan while being mindful of the inner transformation that was occurring.  I also believe that she has manifesting powers, the amount of people that I have served have more than doubled since I’ve seen her.

If you are starting a business, especially a conscious business, give Kristin a call!  I highly recommend her!”

⁠—Lovelyn Ilas Thiha

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