Our houses and workspaces hold onto old energy from past tenants, illnesses suffered in the home and/or deaths that may have happened in the past.

I would be honored to come to your home, office or any type of space you need blessed or cleansed and use the 4 elements to completely clean your space and have it an empty vessel to put your good intentions into.


I use blessed water from Ammachi the Hugging Saint mixed with Himalayan Pink Salt for Earth and Water.


For Fire and Air, I use fresh mountain sage picked in the mountains above my home.

Once your space is cleared out room by room of any negative or stagnant energies I go around and fill each room with Reiki and I leave you with a Reiki candle to burn within the space infused with any intention you wish to bring in.


Rates depend on travel time to get to your space and how big your space is.


Call or email me for a quote: 818-326-1268


Reiki House Blessing Testimonial

“This review/testimonial is late in coming. Our house cleansing was nearly two years ago, and the only reason I can give for the delay is that the good stuff keeps on coming and there’s always more to add!

We inherited our house, and basically the energy of two lifetimes. Kristin came in and helped us sort through the good stuff (that we wanted to continue to welcome) and the painful/angry/harsh energy (that we were eager to let go of).

As she began, the energy immediately started to shift. The house became lighter… literally. I mean, it was as though a shadow was lifting and more light was coming in through the windows. (I promise, I’m not exaggerating.) Our ailing cat came running from the other side of the house when the Reiki started. She was spry and happy! It was crazy amazing.

Our primary reason for our call to The Healing Woods was that the family history of the house was stalling our forward motion… We were financially unstable. We couldn’t decide on paint colors, the grass stopped growing, our household was not flourishing.  It was stifling and depressing. We had people comment that the house was dark. Like a cave. Seriously.

After, it was as though all our stopping blocks were lifted. We have made the home our own. Somehow, though we never really expect it, we always manage to have what we need when we need it. So, repairs are made in a timely fashion. Decorating, floor refinishing, etc. all continue to progress. Our home is happy, filled with song and sunshine, and any history we feel here is rich and solid.

Before we called, we were not certain what to expect. We really had very little experience with this type of energy reset but figured it couldn’t hurt. It didn’t. We followed Kristin’s recommendations (utilize a room differently, move certain art to spread the good energy, etc.) And to this day, we continue to be blessed.

Kristin left us with a customized candle to burn when we needed a little reset. It stands in a prominent area of our house, and when we’ve had a particularly difficult time, we light it. We have rarely used it. We do (and have on several occasions to friends and family) recommend The Healing Woods!”

Renee Campbell – North Hollywood, CA

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