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When Doctors Are Completely Wrong

It's an amazing doctor who owns when they were totally wrong.

It feels really good to have my final appointment with my Hernia surgeon and have her say, "We doctors absolutely do not know everything, and I am so glad you made weight loss work for you naturally!"

I'll start at the beginning:

In October I was having severe pain and went to get a lump on my abdomen checked out at City of Hope to find out that I had a pretty big Hernia which happened where my previous colon resection scar was from 2008.

At that time, she commended me on the progress I had made on weight loss in the past couple years but since it had stalled...she mentioned that after a Hysterectomy and being in overnight menopause, there is pretty much no way to lose weight naturally.

She suggested that I have a Gastric Bypass done at the same time of my Hernia surgery because "I'll be in there anyway...." and I really had to have a talk with myself about it because of all the things I've read online saying that once menopause hits you pretty much will gain instead of lose.

My soul said, "'ve gone this far without can do the rest on your own, but it IS time to get non surgical help."

My mindset had been set to release weight beautifully using my special protocol I've created that has helped me release over 100 pounds and countless clients release weight as well, so I figured I needed to receive some help from a Nutritionist to learn about food and asked the Universe to help me find the right one.

That is when a Nutritionist who is also a Biologist came to help me, and I am celebrating that even after my doctor told me I couldn't lose weight anymore without surgery due to my hormones, I have successfully released over 50 pounds since January. I used self Hypnosis techniques I help countless clients with to really get my Subconscious mind in alignment with believing I can lose weight and stick to a plan that will get me where I want to be. I feel now that I have my weight loss mojo back and feel 100% on top of the world.

ALWAYS questions what doctors tell you...if it were up to my doctors and not me, I would not be able to walk after the fire, would have a colostomy bag after the colon resection and would now have my stomach stapled.

I'm celebrating that NONE of these are true.

You know you the best...and as a Certified Hypnotherapist, I am here to help you listen to your higher self and get your Subconscious Mind aligned with what you are consciously wanting for your health.

All you need to do is get in touch with me, and we'll get you started on your path to what you deserve to look like and how amazing you deserve feel!

Ready for transformation from the inside out? You can easily book HERE.

PS - This doctor is now referring her patients to me both for weight loss and to help in their Cancer I said...she is an amazing doctor.

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