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What is Your Soul's Purpose?

For last night's Full Moon I took myself through a beautiful exercise of figuring out what my Soul Purpose is that I learned within my training by Katherine Woodward Thomas in the deep dive I did last year becoming one of her Certified Coaches.

Our Soul Purpose isn't the work we do in is something we are born to bring to the word.

I would like to share what came out of me in the pages of my journal here:

"The purpose of my life is to connect with people one on one as well as in large audiences to bring them inspiration using my many stories of losing everything within the death of the former self situations I've had and using that energy as a catalyst to rebirth myself and recreate who I am in the world within the ashes of my former self.

The Death/Rebirth energy is one that most people shy away from, but once it is used to its full potential...there is absolutely no going back, and absolutely anything is possible in your life.

I am here to bring inspiration to the world."

I had tears in my eyes as I scribbled this in my journal...the tears of truth coming out of my eyes and the ink of my pen.

My Soul Purpose is not being a Reiki Master or a Hypnotherapist, though these lovely things are vehicles that I use to bring inspiration to our planet and the people within it.

I will be using the same exercises I did to come up with mine with anyone who needs to be reminded of their Soul Purpose within sessions at The Healing Woods and you can book your session HERE to join in on this magic.

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