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The Magic of Reiki!

Today a client reported back to me that since she started on a weekly package of Reiki, she feels her depression and anxiety lift after seeing me each and every time.

She told this to her Psychiatrist, and he was actually very open to listening to her about holistic help for her deep depression, and asked for some of my cards to give his clients.

The tides are changing and people, even licensed medical professionals, are seeing the deep need for more than pills when it comes to depression and anxiety.

The memories and trauma beneath the depression will not be touched by those pills, but Reiki and Hypnotherapy will help to ease the spirit out of the darkness beautifully without any dangerous side effects.

Reiki can be a beautiful addition to any medical treatment or cannot hinder at all.

Reiki is like light being shined into the spirit of the person...the hope is that as they continue with their medical treatments as well as Reiki, their Spirit will get stronger and stronger, until they are able to be weaned from the meds. (under their doctor's supervision, of course)

Feeling so grateful to be a source of light to help others find their own.

Everyone has light within them...even if it takes digging through some darkness to get to it.

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