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Self-Doubt Versus Self-Questioning

Happy New Moon!

I am absolutely LOVING the blessed rain we are being cleansed by…my garden is thriving, the earth is greening and last night I saw the sliver of the New Moon peeking out from the clouds…smiling down on me, as if to say, “I hear you…let the new games begin!”

   With all of the changes I have been making to how I perceive my healing  practice, and what I can  see as possible for it and for myself, there have been    doubts that rear their ugly heads. We all have  them…they are part of being  human, it seems.

With all of the Bullshit Bonfires I have done through the years, I do have to say  that one of the things  that just about every single person has on their list that  they want to burn away from them is, “Self-  Doubt”

Some doubt is healthy…it keeps you aware of your surroundings, who you are  allowing in and brings  a sense of protection from people, places or things that  are not for your soul’s greater good.

Most doubt however, is paralyzing, an energy vampire and completely unnecessary!!

There are certain times when I am coaching or doing readings for people when I hear something come out of my mouth, and it immediately stops me in my tracks to realize, “This is for me to learn from too…this is for all humans.”

The reading was about doubt, and the wisdom was as follows:

Self-Doubt Leads you nowhere…Self-Questioning leads you to answers.

SO SIMPLE…yet so complex.

It is so easy to just doubt something, put it in a box and bury it in the earth, never to give it (or yourself) a chance to happen.

How about instead of doubting that you can pass that class, ask that person out, make the needed changes to your life that your soul is asking you to, or sharing your message with the world…that you merely question yourself as to if these are possible for you instead of doubting you will be able to?

Doubt immediately tells you, “No!” while questioning opens it up to, “Maybe…but how?”

So next time you feel that Self-Doubt monster creeping in…bring in the Self-Questioning instead. Here are some questions to ask yourself before burying your possibilities within that doubt, never to see the light of possibility again:

  1. Is this right for me?

  2. How do I really feel about doing this?

  3. Is the fear I am feeling really just excitement about bringing in something new?

  4. Who can I talk to about this who has already accomplished it? 

  5. Who can guide me through my fear to find the excitement within?

  6. Why am I feeling doubt…is it just fear of stretching outside of the box I am in?

  7. How will I feel about myself after accomplishing this?

  8. Where is this doubt and fear coming from…is it from something I was taught, is it really even mine?

  9. What will I lose by not accomplishing this?

  10. What will the world lack by me not being at my best and accomplishing what I am here to do?

If this resonates with you, and you would like to be done with Self-Doubt once and for all, and turn it into Self-Questioning, I invite you to join me at The Yogi Tree this Friday for a Bullshit Bonfire, where we can all burn our Self-Doubt together and bring on the beautiful line of Self-Questioning, which will feed us, instead of starving us with worries!

Click on the picture to RSVP for the Bullshit Bonfire:

Enjoy this New Moon/New Beginnings energy we are swimming in! May this rebirth energy flow through you, and show you that you can create ANYthing you want in life…The Universe is just waiting for a cue from you that you are ready!

Say “Yes” to the Universe, and it will say “HELL YES!!” to you!

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