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New Hypnotic Downloads Coming Soon!

So excited to have 6 more Hypnotic Journeys I created and went into a recording studio to record over binaural music made to bring your brain at rest.

The recording engineer was used to rock and roll being recorded there so I was something completely different for him and he did great...they sound amazing!

Come May...the following Hypnotic Downloads will be available to you:

Inner Child Healing Journey

Chakra Balancing Journey

Slaying Addictions Journey

Being a Love Magnet Journey

Awaken your Inner Artist Journey

Positive Thinking Journey.

In case you didn't know...I do have 2 Hypnotic Journeys available for download already so you can get started on those in the meantime.

I have the Money Magnet Journey and Ease of Sleep Journey...both of which I have received many rave reviews on, and you can easily get those HERE.

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