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New Deep Shadow Work at The Healing Woods!

I spent most of last year doing the amazing Shadow Work on myself using the book "Calling in the One" by Katherine Woodward Thomas, and received so much clarity and healing around it that I decided to enroll in a DEEP DIVE year long training by her to become one of her Certified Calling in the One Coaches!

Shadow Work is the most important healing work we can do for ourselves, and having the right guide in the Shadow Realm is key to not getting lost in the cave.

The real magic within this work is getting clear on your patterns within love, finding out when in childhood they were created, healing your Inner Child by taking ownership of those patterns, crashing through those self imposed blockages and being able to truly vision the future you want on a conscious level.

Then the deeper level of healing with Hypnotherapy and Reiki come in to get the 88% of your mind that is the Subconscious on board with the life and love you are consciously desiring.

All of this I offer within my new packages I am offering out to the world to share this soul deep healing I experienced with you.

This work is meant for everybody, regardless of your relationship status. It works for people who are Single, Married for decades, Polyamorous or in an on again/off again Situationship...we all have deeply hurt Inner Children who will benefit greatly and be set free by doing this beautiful work!

This is your invitation to book a free conversation with me to ask any questions you may have and to hear more about how I know I can help you with this work.

Ready to get started? You can read more HERE.

I am only ever moved to learn modalities and offer them at The Healing Woods that have helped to literally save my life physically, mentally or emotionally, and this coaching is one of those life savers.

I look forward to helping you become the Love of your Life.



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