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It's Raining Crow Feathers!

I decided to go on a very long walk through my neighborhood to move some worries and stuck energy I’ve been feeling.

Walking is my way of working through fears so I decided to just start walking towards the mountain and turn down streets as my body told me to and ended up on a 5 mile walk.

During my walk I happened upon a HUGE murder of crows…at least 50 of them and they were flying around the big trees and squawking at each other non stop.

I noticed things falling from the sky and as I got closer one fell right on my head and it was a beautiful black crow feather. Then another…and another.

I looked around and they were everywhere…almost as if they were literally giving them to me!

I am on week 9 of my Tree of Life Kabbalah working and when I got home to count my feathers… I find that I have 9… Not surprised at all!

I love that these beautiful birds are showing me that the magic begins now, even before my trip to the Redwoods…I live in magic…it follows me everywhere I go.

One of the important messages of Crow is to not fear change.

All of us have shadows in our lives that need purging. That type of deep transformation isn’t easy, so Crow steps in to support your effort with greater insights.

When you need that “higher perspective” from Spirit…Crow will be thee to show you the way.

Thank you, black beauties…yes…it has not been easy to completely transform physically, mentally and emotionally thanks to self reiki and self hypnosis, but it has been so worth it.

I am currently working through some old fears/patterns around love using self hypnosis and Crow is showing me that transforming how I show up for love is the way to truly receive it.

Oh…Georgie loves the birdy feathers too!

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