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Investing in my Body for Once

The past 5 years of my life have been all about investing in my business and finishing and investing in my book.

Now the book is finished and the business is built to a place where I feel more expansive with my time. I don’t feel that I have to put 150% of my blood, sweat and tears into training, marketing, live events and all of the other things that went into getting where I am today.

Will I rest now?


I am still young and alive, and there are still things to transform within my life, and the most important right now is my body and my health.

I have lost a ton of weight in life using different methods. First I tried Low Carb, and that worked quickly to help me drop 80 pounds, but it was definitely not sustainable for me, and not healthy in the least.

I ended up having to get a colon resection the year after.

After that I went a more healthy path with juicing and swimming, and lost another 60 pounds. That one was more sustainable as I did it for over a year…but once I had some hard transitions within losing a lover, a job and a band all in the same few months…I let the emotions get to me and totally lost focus on my health.

Right about this time, all of my focus was put towards building the business, so I didn’t have to go back to the dreaded advertising industry and finishing my book, which left me not making time to exercise, juice or even really cook for myself as I was always running around to different places taking or teaching classes, going to events and networking.

I invested tens of thousands of dollars into business coaches, mentoring for the business, coaching on getting the book out of me, publishing the book and on all of the other back end stuff that comes with running a growing and successful business.

Never once did I think about investing in my body…it was always in the things I DID…not the vehicle that makes it all possible!

I’ve been pretty good with Self Care in other ways. Through all of this training, I did receive healing in the form of Massage, Reiki, Acupuncture, Chiro, the Western doctors when appropriate and I made sure to take my breaks into Nature that I so thrive on.

Something was still missing…and finally this year is the year of Transformation on the physical level that will stay with me, no matter what my emotions go through.

I am super excited to embark on this journey of life change in a big way.

I was thinking about where in my house I am going to do the exercise program, and decided that of course I should do it in The Healing Woods room, because that is my favorite room in the house, and it has housed so many emotional, spiritual and energetic transformations for my clients, so how perfect to add to the amazing juju of this room, my own physical transformation!?

I am at the very beginning, so I don’t have a lot to report as far as weight or inches loss yet, but I do feel AMAZING.

I am eating even more cleanly than I was before, am being physically active way more (because I am actually making the time for it in my crazy schedule) and I feel clear headed, strong and on fire in a beautiful way.

This is not a diet…it is a total reboot of how I am used to eating.

I got stuck in the loop of eating one large meal and then snacking here and there because of time constraints.

Unfortunately usually the big meal was towards the end of the day. While I was juicing in the morning and night…this plan of one meal worked…but when my body was not receiving the nutrients the juice was giving me, it went into starvation mode and held onto everything it could, and 5 years later, I have gained back a good portion of the weight I worked so hard to lose.

This new plan does not demonize food or carbs.

I eat clean, real unprocessed food and there is a shake that I replace one meal with which is totally organic and filled with 70 Super Foods. I didn’t even know there were 70 Super Foods…AND it is the most amazingly tasting shake I have ever had.

I actually call it my chocolate crack shake to the challenge group…it is THAT good.

Tempeh, eggplant, mushroom, Bok Choi and onion over Turmeric Couscous.

I’m eating small amounts 6 times a day every few hours. This way of eating is so alien to me…but 2 weeks into drinking this shake as a meal replacement, and I must say I am feeling reborn…now to get my body physically strong with more movement.

I am doing a mixture of cardio, yoga, Chiropractor instructed stretches and soon to add in swimming.

With this program I feel that I cannot lose…well except the weight. I will definitely lose (for good) the weight.

I am in a 30 day challenge which can be extended to however long I choose to do it. My very trusted and loved friend from High School is my coach and 20 other women are with us who are checking in daily with each other to show the awesome food we are making, portion control we are learning and sweat we are creating.

When I lost weight in the past, I always did it solo and on my own terms. I must say that reconnecting with my beautiful friend has been a huge bonus of this decision. People are in our lives for more than one reason or one era of life, and sometimes they leave for a while to do life in a totally different place than where you are.

When they come back…it can be for a totally different reason, and your friendship gets revitalized in a beautiful way.

Last year was the year of investing in everything around me that I wanted to accomplish.

This year is the year of investing in my body and what I put in it to be able to accomplish even more.

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