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I Literally Died and Came Back To Life

Did you know I published a book?

It is not only the story of my dying and coming back to life after running through a wall of flames to escape my burning house and the month in the burn ward that followed...but it is also about the spiritual journey I had meeting a Living Saint, starting a band and finally learning how to love me.

The years that followed the fire were filled with Reiki, Tarot, Hypnotherapy, Akashic Records Reading, MUCH Ritual and even MORE death defying medical events to help me really strengthen the wings this Phoenix was given after the fire.

I only practice modalities at The Healing Woods that have literally saved my life, and once you read this book, you will see that I have more lives than a cat, and have learned how to bring myself back from dire situations.

I can meet you wherever you are in life, and show you the way out, because I have literally been at the bottom of a deep dark hole, and learned how to claw my way up using all the tools I offer my clients at The Healing Woods.

There is also an online aspect to this book that takes you on your own journey with fire without having to burn your house down like I did. You can enjoy guided meditations, music and written exercises to ignite YOUR light within!

You can find Baptism By Flame - 10 Steps to Ignite Your Light Within on Amazon, Kindle and Audible.

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