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How to Work with The Spirit Element

Learn how to harness the power of all 5 Elements while being immersed in them!


I am FINALLY sharing one of my Sacred Spots within the Mendocino Redwood Forests with you and and hosting a retreat where you will experience all of this magic:


  • Using FIRE to ritually release anything standing in your way to the greatness you desire.

  • Harnessing AIR on a cliff overlooking where a huge river and the ocean meet to breathe in the inspiration to begin you on your journey.

  • Planting your intentions at the base of one of the oldest Redwood trees in Mendocino County and rooting your desires into something tangible with EARTH.

  • Harnessing the vast power of the Ocean WATER to cleanse and purify yourself and bring in the emotions needed to be who you are desiring to be.

  • Connecting to your SPIRIT - the most important element of all in a hidden Sacred Meditation hut in the forest

  • Rest, laughter, adventure, connection and bonding with an amazing group of like minded humans in nature.


 Early Bird Special   through 6/30/24...on 7/1/24, prices jump...get your spot now before they sell out!

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