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How to Clear Your Energy NOW!

How are you feeling after the Wolf Moon?

I am sending you so much post Full Moon love to you...especially if this past Full Moon was a whopper for you.


Full Moons are known to stir up emotions and energy in people, and a few days later, we can still feel tired from sleeplessness, heavy and off balance.


Think about how the Moon affects our oceans to produce waves...we are made mainly of water, so of course the moon affects us, especially those drawn to it and sensitive to energies.


I have found that working with the moon brings balance during Full Moons.


With all of these energies swirling around us, it is especially important for us to practice energetic hygiene in order to help us through to the other side.


Just like you brush your teeth each morning and night, we also need to cleanse our energy and lives pretty frequently to have energetic health and hygiene.


Here are some ways to clear your energy:


1) Give yourself permission to excuse yourself from people, places or situations that don't feel good, or drain your energy.


2) Be out on Nature...breathe the fresh air, feel the sunlight, bathe in a natural body of water to cleanse yourself of anything not yours. No epic Nature near you? Go outside and find a tree and sit at its roots with your back on its trunk for a while.


3) Grab your grounding and protection crystals and keep them close like Hematite, Obsidian and Onyx. Even just carrying around a rock you find out in Nature will help to keep you grounded.


4) Change up your home...add living plants, burn some Palo Santo or Sage, switch up the music, turn off the news and watch something uplifting, change the furniture around or put new artwork on the walls that depict what you want to bring more of into your life.


5) Take a salt shower or bath...if you can't get into the cleansing salt water of the Sea, the next best thing is soaking in salt water in your tub...and if you don't have a tub, just taking a salt scrub into the shower or even just literal salt and scrubbing your body with it will help immensely. Follow this up with anointing yourself with an oil that brings in feelings of peace, love, abundance or anything else you would like to bring in. 


6) Harness the energy of The Moon to send it to different intentions or areas within your life...instead of idly standing by, work with its energies to shine its light and power on you instead of against you.

You can learn to work with the energy of the Full Moon with me HERE

I invite you to thrive with me in the SpiritCraft Online Community!

SpiritCraft Online Ritual Community is a group of amazing people of all walks of life and spiritual beliefs who come together on Zoom each Full Moon to connect more deeply to Spirit.


Each gathering we get clear on what we are bringing into the next Moon Cycle (Month), you will receive spiritual laser coaching from me on anything you need help with that month, you will be lead on a Hypnotic Journey around your intention for the month to bring your conscious desires deeply into your Subconscious, which is the true magic in Manifesting.


Unless the Subconscious believes you deserve or can do what you are consciously wishing you can will be a HUGE roadblock to making that wish be your reality.


Our next online SpiritCraft gathering is Saturday, February 24th at 6-7pm PST, and you are invited to join in the healing magic.


If you can't make it that exact date and problem! They are all recorded and you can join in the magic and take the journey anytime that works for you!


You can save your spot by going here.

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