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Dying and Coming Back to Life Started my Business

26 years ago I literally died and came back to life in a burn ward while receiving skin grafts on the third degree burns I had on 30% of my body as a result of a house fire I woke up to.

This was the room I was sleeping in:

It was in that burn ward that I experienced the most beautiful healing from The Universe on one of the darkest pain filled nights I have ever had in life.

This healing energy came into my room, and took me out of my body, and out of the pain I was laying in 24/7, feeling like hot irons were on my skin even though I had a morphine drip in my arm, the pain was unbearable.

As I was out of my body, I felt a huge sense of being loved and cared for and that even though my whole world had been literally ripped away from me...I was destined for so much more. As soon as this Divine Healing was pain was lessened by at least 90%.

After this healing from The Universe, Dr. Grossman of the Grossman Burn Center told me that my multiple skin grafts were finally taking and I could be released to build back my life like the Phoenix I am.

I immediately went on a Spiritual Journey trying to find out what that Divine Energy I felt in the burn ward was, and saw Angel Healers, Shamans, Crystal Healers and when I had my first Reiki session, that energy was the closest to that Divine Energy I experienced.

Reiki became a huge passion of mine and still is to this day. I have written a book about it, shared it with thousands of people, teach it, live it and have spoken on stages to share my love for this life saving energy.

I only offer modalities that have transformed me and literally saved my life, and Reiki was definitely the beginning of the new me in 1998.

You can book your transformation HERE

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