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Darshan Rewrite

A few months ago I wrote lyrics to a new Darklings song that sounds very Middle Eastern. At that time the lyrics fit, the feeling was there and it made sense to write what I did, thus the completed song “Darshan” was born.

It was my mind however that was writing the lyrics…not my heart and soul.

Much like I was living a lot within my mind at that time…and not really listening with my heart and soul. I heard the messages and guidance from my heart and soul…but my mind reacted and took away any chance my heart and soul stood to being the ones to direct the flow of my actions.

I was also writing lyrics about what I WANTED to happen within a relationship, and not what was actually happening.

A lot has happened since I wrote Darshan…Elemental Studies have taken over my spiritual practices combined with the Tree of Life Meditations, and my world has opened up in every way possible.

I was warned by my teachers and Elder that taking on Elementals was not an easy task. They make lessons of situations in your life, and the lessons are usually not the easiest to learn, and when students really study them right and dive into them…things can happen within life that are very unforeseen. Add to this the Tree of Life stuff which is ALL about transformation…and I am standing here today looking back at myself in the beginning of the year when I started this saying, “Who WAS that?”

It has been like a movie to sit back and watch how the two workings have married each other and combined forces on changing my life to a level higher and more deserving than my mere mind could ever do.

Which is why I decided that “The Middle Eastern Song” deserved to have lyrics written from my soul…and not my mind.

This whole month I had been trying to work on the vocal line for the song when it was called Darshan…it just did not feel right. What I was singing was decent enough…but not raw, rip my guts out and throw them through the microphone at the listeners’ heart, soul and ears which is what I am feeling more and more as these lyrics write me.

This morning I awoke and did my Elemental meditations, and I started hearing the music to Darshan…yet the words were very much different and the vocal line was deeper…more resonate to me.

I immediately got my journal out…put the room recording of the song on my iTunes, closed my eyes and threw up the words without writing them down, and literally FELT the vocal line come directly out of me….no mind…ALL soul.

Today at rehearsal was the first time I ever sang it with the band…and in fact I was a bit late to rehearsal because the muses decided to use me as their tool RIGHT when I was supposed to be getting ready to leave to get to rehearsal on time.

I basically wrote the lyrics and vocal line in 15 minutes, and then rushed to the studio…and then we did our set to keep in good practice with it for upcoming shows. Finally…almost 2 hours after I wrote the vocal line/words…it was time to do new songs!

The music started, and my mind I felt doubt that I would remember what I came up earlier in the day. What I learned when I started singing was that what the mind does not know is that the soul is not so willing to forget something it created out of karmic joy and sorrow.

My body physically shook and I let go…sitting on the floor, eyes closed and let my soul rip out of my vocal cords and into the PA.

I am singing differently than I have ever sung in life…much like I am living differently than I have ever lived.

The lyrics of Elementals is the resting place of all of the pain and torment it took to get to this place of peace and strength.

I can finally safely say that I have learned to command The Elementals…once I allowed them to break down who I was.


Lyrics by Abhayada Aranya

Rebirth was never meant to feel good,

Ashes blow away where I once stood,

Releasing all that I’ve ever known,

Grasping at signs that I’ve been shown.

Oceans pour out of my eyes,

Flames burning me from inside,

Landslides bury my heart,

Hurricanes rip me apart.

Now I seek the joy within the sorrow,

All my yesterdays creating my tomorrows,

Feeling sudden strength within my weakness,

Dawn of blazing hope destroying my bleakness.

Oceans pour out of my eyes,

Flames burning me from inside,

Landslides bury my heart,

Hurricanes rip me apart.

Do Less,

Be More,

Receive ALL

Oceans pour out of my eyes,

Flames burning me from inside,

Landslides bury my heart,

Hurricanes rip me apart.

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